Computer Cut - No cutting on your car. The computer precuts the window tint film.

Indoor Installation - Due to dust and wind, window tinting should never be applied outdoors or in a tent in a parking lot.

High-Quality Brand Name Tint - A quality, brand name tint must be used. Florida is so hot and humid that a medium or low grade film will start to fade and deteriorate in less than a year. At Flying Window Tinting, we use only LLumar Window Tinting Film, which comes with a lifetime warranty.

Written Warranty with Warranty Card from Manufacturers - A simple handwritten "Lifetime Warranty" isn't good enough. For a warranty to be valid you must have a Warranty Card and a Professional Receipt. At Flying Window Tinting we give you BOTH.

In Business Over 7 Years - Nearly 50% of all tinting companies go out of business or move and change names in the first year. With a life-time warranty you want to find a company that has been in business for at least 3 years in case you need warranty work.

"Color Stability" Warranty - Make sure you receive a "Color Stability" Warranty. This means that even if your tint does fade or turn purple, it is still covered under warranty. Even a nice car will look ugly if it has discolored or faded tint.

Good Reputation with Local Dealerships - If a dealership highly recommends a particular tint company to its customer, you know that the company must have a great reputation.
Checklist for Picking a Company to
Tint your Car:
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