Should you get your windows tinted at the car dealership when you buy a new car

Over the past five years, a lot of new car dealerships are starting to offer a window tinting at their dealerships. People assume because it’s a new car dealership they will offer a quality product and guarantee product. But many people are finding out that there’s a lot more to window tinting and they are window tinting near me. 

The convenience of window tinting your car at the dealership

Many people when they buy their new car the dealership offers and window tinting.  This is a convenience because they tint the car before you pick it up so there is no hassle of taking it to an auto window tinting shop.  they also like the idea of including the price in the financing so you don’t need to pay out of your pocket. Dealerships also give you false information about the warranty on the window film. Usually, when you buy the tent they will install it the next day before you pick it up.

They tell you many things like it’s a two Yoda product so it has a warranty from the manufacturer or if you don’t use their quality tint there could be problems with warranty if it interferes with any sensors. this is false and that you scare tactics to close a deal. There are many things you should consider when getting your auto tinting at the dealership. things like the cost the quality of film the warranty of the film on how long they will guarantee it for.

Who actually tints your car at the dealership

When you byproduct at the dealership everyone assumes that the dealership has a qualified installer to install the product. The same way they have qualified mechanics to repair your air-conditioning or after the faults in the car.  the reality of who actually installed the window tint on your car at the auto dealership is unknown. Because the installation of the window tint does not install at the manufacturer they subcontracted out to independent window tinters.

Here at flying window tinting, we have installed for many car dealers over the past 20 years. we have learned that car dealers give their contract to the lowest bidder they don’t have a standard of tint that the installers have to go by. The Toyota had office gives a dealer for freedom to choose the product on who can install.

So you could have someone installed the tint on your car and if you have any warranty issues in the three years it could be a different company installing the new film. the problem with this is that it could be a different type of film or color film and it won’t match the original window tint. The reason they change a lot of the subcontractors is that every time somebody gives them a lower bid they go with the new company doing it cheaper. The main goal of dealerships is to have a high markup on the products they sell on the lowest cost to the installer.

What brand a window tint will you be getting?

When you buy your car at the dealership and put parts on you know you are getting a two Toyota product. But since the manufacturer does not make a window tinting product endorsed by the manufacturer every dealership uses a different tint. The biggest problem we found is that when people come back to get the warranty 3 to 5 years after buying the car a lot of dealerships give an excuse why they can’t warranty it. Because the auto window tinting is not installed at the factory.

Toyota is not obliged to back the warranty.  there is quite a turnover in the instilling installers at dealerships because the dealer usually goes with the lowest bidder to maximize their profit .  all tint basically looks perfect for the first six months the cheaper products start to deteriorate after that and the better quality window tinting stands up longer over time. So it’s always best to make sure you get a good quality window tent that has a good reputation on durability. Because many dealers only guarantee the tint for as long as the warranty for the car. if something was to happen after the three-year guarantee you will be out money. Where if you tinted the car at window tint installation shop you get a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the car

How does the warranty at the dealership work

auto dealerships usually only give the warranty on the tint for as long as your car manufacturer’s warranty. Most car manufacturers’ warranty is for  three years. Because it’s an aftermarket product and it does not come from the manufacturer the dealership is covering the warranty not manufactured. Therefore if you cannot take your car to a different either to get the tint fixed  the money because the dealer is guaranteeing its not the manufacturer. We have also found that many people have gone back after the three years to find out the dealer does not tint anymore and so you’re out money because you have to pay to get it repaired at a different shop.

Orlando flying window Tinting uses llumar film that comes with a lifetime warranty . The tint usually installed by a Windows tint shop and it costs less at a window tint shop. Another problem we phone people have at the car dealerships is that the salesman sells you the product and the service department installed it. And there seems to always a confusion on the color or what exactly has to be done to the car. And they usually blame each other for the problem which turned out to be a headache for the customer.


Pros and Cons of  Auto Dealership Tinting

In conclusion to whether you should get your car window tinting in orlando fl  at a car dealership, the cons outnumber the pros by a lot. You will be paying more for your windows tinted than getting it at regular window tint job. The dealership will get a window tint shop to install the window tint. You will also pay twice as much getting the tint at the dealership because their markup is usually 100%. These are things the salesperson will not tell you because his main job is to get you to sign on the sale. Then passed on to the service department so you’re dealing with the second person that may not have got the proper information. I’ve seen dealerships put on the wrong darkness of tint through miscommunication between the salesperson and service departments.

And you know trying to get the service department to repair something is quite difficult and you have to usually be there for a day or two which is very inconvenient when you get the tint at a professional window tinting shop. Its best deal directly with the window tinting shop so the correct film and the correct darkness installed on your new car. We also will give you a much longer warranty and guarantee you will have a problem if there are some windows that need to change to get the color proper match.

This was written by Steven Hopkinson owner /operator of Flying Window Tinting.  

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