Best Car Window Tint : Which one is best for you ?

Searching for the best car window tint can be a gruelling task if you don’t know where to look or what to consider. What concerns us the most is whether we’ll end up getting our hands on fraudulent tint providers or scam tint installers claiming that they can offer you services at cheap prices with the pretext of high quality. If the deal is too good to be true, then it is fraud.
Car tints typically start at $150 and peaking at $600 for high quality tints for an average sedan. But if you encountered someone offering prices lower than $150, be vigilant. They may be someone just working on a makeshift office on their backyards producing tints with questionable quality.
In fact, there are no general rule that caters to everyone’s preferences and needs. Some car owners prefer tints with lower prices, sacrificing quality only to utilize certain benefits or expensive tints with guaranteed quality. Nevertheless, your budget determines your limits on which tint to buy.
So this article will outline some proven and tested decisions and considerations with regards to choosing the best car tint suitable for your needs and budget.

Price or Quality?

The decision to choose which car tint to use is governed by our budget and quality preferences so it is crucial to start asking yourself “what is more important to you, price or quality?”
There are numerous types of tint available in the market so choosing yours may seem like a challenging task. Furthermore, each type of tints have its own corresponding benefits—the more benefits, the more expensive it gets.
So determining your actual needs and budget must be your top priority then learn a thing or two about the pros and cons of different types of car tint with respect to its upfront cost. Eventually, you will be well informed about the market which is crucial in deciding which type of car tint is best suited for your needs and budget. The bottom line is getting the most benefits out of your money’s worth.

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The Cheapest Car Tint: Dyed Car Tint

Dyed car tint being the cheapest correspondingly has the least quality. It is also the most common and it only lasts a few short years before they deteriorate. So if you don’t plan on keeping your car for long then it is advisable to opt for dyed car tint. This is a decent choice as you don’t want to spend a hefty amount of money on quality tints only to have your car sold or break down in just a few years.
But if you plan on keeping your car for the longest time, it is wise not to use dyed car tint. Your car will certainly outlast the tint and you need to buy and re-apply the tint all over again once it deteriorates. The accumulated cost for acquiring and re-application is not worth it and there are other better options.
Also, opt for cheap films only if you need to utilize the few benefits it can offer for your car. You don’t want to overspend and not utilize the other extra benefits it can offer, for instance, using a darker shade of tint (high quality tint) only to be apprehended at your state because you exceeded the shade levels prescribed by law.

Metallic Car Tint

Metallic car tints are valued for its high quality properties which guarantees many benefits for you and your car. Usually, it is used as a standard baseline of sunlight reflectivity as it is a naturally high reflective material.
It can also last for a long time due to its high quality components and will surely serve your needs in the long run. In fact, it can outlast the longevity of a standard car but these enhanced benefits are accompanied by increased upfront costs.
So if you plan to keep your car for a long time and you want to utilize all the usual benefits a car tint can offer then metallic is suited for you.
However, metallic tints oftentimes interfere with your radio, satellite signals and other important equipment. Although older cars are safe since the technology imbedded within are old but this is not the case with newer models as newer models experienced problems in the past when applied by metallic car tints.
So if you plan on keeping your old-rustic car (old technology) and considering applying a car tint—metallic car tint is your best option. But if you want your brand new car (latest model) to be tinted, avoid using metallic car tints because it can interfere with your equipment.

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Luxurious Car Tint: Ceramic 

If you are planning on keeping your car for the longest time you should consider using high quality tints like crystalline or ceramic. These types of tint will outlast your car and always exceeds the warrantied service duration prescribed by its manufacturers, provided it is maintained properly.
The benefits associated with these types of tint usually exceeds expectations and are oftentimes considered as the best in the market.
With these enhanced benefits, expect an expensive upfront costs. Nevertheless, ceramic and crystalline tints are recommended if you want to keep your car for long and at the same time want to utilize all the usual benefits it can offer.
Lastly, the aesthetic look of your car will drastically change. Say hello to your handsome car!