Mobile Window Tinting VS Professional Window Tinting Shop

professional window tinting

Perhaps the time it takes driving to a reputable professional window tinting shop and waiting for your vehicle to be tinted is not worth your precious time. Especially if it’s a long drive from home. You’d rather just stay indoors together with the comforts of home and hope that someone is tinting your vehicle.

Well you’re in luck, some shops send their installers to your house or anywhere you prefer to do such that while you carry on with your business. Also, start-up tinting services start from these services as well. Although the start-up ones are more common. This type of service is what we call mobile window tinting.
Cool right?

The installers will come directly to you while you sip your coffee and go on with your life. While this option may seem appealing, it also has its pros and cons as compared to professional window tinting in a professional auto tinting shop. Read on about the pros and cons of mobile window tinting to get some insights.

Pros of Mobile Window Tinting:

1. All for your convenience

How awesome it would be to have your vehicle tinted without even having to leave your house? Access to this service as a go-to option gives you great convenience and removes the hassle associated with long drives to the auto tinting shop and waiting awkwardly at their lounges while they finish the job.

Our installers will come directly to you or anywhere you prefer, allowing you to indulge yourself with all the comforts of your house while we tint your vehicle. Sit back and watch our experts at work.

2. Your schedule will not be affected

While your schedule for the week and subsequent weeks are already set in stone, you can still squeeze in tinting your vehicle without affecting your schedule. You can schedule anytime you prefer without the lingering thought of whether adjusting your meeting on the morning to lunch, whatsoever.

Chances are, you even have other nagging worries that needs your full attention and time and professional window tinting doesn’t have to be one of those worries. Let us worry about window tinting your vehicle. Our team of experts and installers is more than willing to go directly to your house for your convenience.

3. Experts come to you

Seeing the experts hard at work at your house gives you a sense of ease that comes only when you’re guaranteed a professional window tinting job. During which, you can observe and mingle with them — ask questions and know a thing or two about their job.

What happens here is beneficial for both parties since the presence of the customer affects the performance of the installer positively. Plus, the customer has a hands-on perspective of the job whereas at the shop, the job is usually done at closed-door without access to customers.

Cons of Mobile Window Tinting:

1. Lack of specialized tools and equipment

Expert installers can only bring a limited amount of tools and equipment. They can’t bring the whole container tool, that’s absurd. Which is why it is important for shops to send experts to handle such a handicapped situation.

But despite this, there are instances when a professional window tinting job is done badly and they have to return some other day to rectify it. In other words, installers have little to no room for mistakes. But if they did commit mistakes, the window tinting job will be prolonged significantly as they will have to return to their shop and fix the situation accordingly.

Start-up tinting services on the other hand usually have no capital investments on specialized tools and equipment. They rather rely on old-fashioned and improvised tools to get by. So don’t expect a high-quality professional window tinting job. But we’re not doing them justice when we already assumed they’re bad. They aren’t necessarily so bad in a sense they’re detested but they aren’t so good either.

2. Low-quality window tint films used

Most mobile window tinting services are start-ups so naturally, they don’t have enough capital to invest for a high-quality window tint film. Expect low-quality dyed or metallic window tint film from them.

Which is better?

Mobile window tinting may seem more appealing. The perks of not having to drive at an auto tinting shop is luxury within our reach. However, the risk of low-quality tinting job is very high and in part, becomes a stigma of mobile window tinting. In fact, most mobile tinting services result in defects in the long run.

A glimmer of hope however is that a small percentage of having an acceptable tinting job from mobile tinting is still possible. Nevertheless, it all turns out on how you weigh your options. If you’re willing to risk your vehicle to a mobile window tinting service while you’re cozy at home, then so be it. If you’re not willing to take risks, you can opt for a professional auto tinting shop and be inconvenienced in other aspects of your life.

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Get Vent Visor Shades At Flying Window Tinting

vent visors

All types of drivers, from the moist and muggy weather of Florida to the rainy Northwest, love the comfort and style provided by a set of vent visors, and for good reasons. Don’t you just hate it when you’re driving and it’s raining hard outside, making the interior hot and moist? You can’t just simply open the windows for fresh air because you and the interior will get wet. A set of vent visors take care of this conundrum.
A vent visor or commonly known as a rain visor, window deflector, or rain guard protects you and the interior of your car from inclement weather. It does this by deflecting rain, snow, or hail away from the windows of your car. Plus, they add style to your car’s exterior look, whether you drive a sedan or a full-sized truck.
We Flying window  Tinting have outlined some relevant information about vent visors to help you accustom yourself with the right information so that you can come up with a decision backed with reliable information.

vent visors orlando fl
vent visors installed

Types of Vent Visors

When it comes to vent visors, there is one burning question always asked aside from the usual ones: How do In-Channel Vent Visors and Tape-On Vent Visors differ from each other, and which style is better? These two are different types of vent visors and differ only in installation processes and other small practical benefits. Keep reading to get insights.
Tape-On Vent Visors: This type of vent visor is considered classic and is around for a long time now. It’s designed to adhere over the frame of your car’s windows via strips of pre-applied, automotive-grade tape. This tape are strong adhesives which usually last for many years. They are also custom designed for each model type car to fit snugly in place, without any need for cutting and drilling.
In-Channel Vent Visors: This type of vent visor on the other hand, does not require any adhesive. Instead, it mounts up into your car’s window channels just like a tongue and groove connection without, any need for cutting and drilling.

Benefits of Installing Vent Visors

Ease of installation: The only prep work you need to do is clean the window frame thoroughly. While the actual work done only requires peeling off the tape backing and sticking the vent visors properly to the window frame.
Water intrusion protection: Because vent visors are situated outside the windows, it deflects incoming water, mostly from rain, so they provide additional shelter around the entire window channel. This allows you so open your windows even while it’s raining for a much needed cool air.
Stylish looks: Vent visors obviously make the window look more sleek and stylish because they add more design to the overall look of the car.
Improves gas mileage: Vent visors help you save on fuel costs because you don’t have to open the air-conditioning unit to keep yourself comfortable each time it rains, especially during summer. We all know that summer rains make the interior of the car moist and humid. Also, vent visors improves the aerodynamics of the car by minimizing wind resistance or drag that hinders the forward movement of your car, resulting to less fuel consumption.
What to Look for when Buying a Vent Visor Kit?
It goes without saying that every planned purchase needs careful planning and research, and vent visors are no exception. If you’re planning to buy a vent visor kit, this is what you should look for:
Durability: You should look for vent visors made from aerospace-grade acrylic because they are considered scratch-resistant and virtually indestructible. Anything less than that will cause you and your car more harm than good, and not get your money’s worth.
Warranty: A high-quality vent visor comes with a lifetime warranty. Anything less than that are considered mediocre quality.
A sleek, low-profile design: A low-profile design is a design that considers the aerodynamics of the car. Vent visors with low-profile design protrudes slightly from the window channel and has a section that helps improves air flow, reducing drag.
Custom fit: Vent visor kits come with many shapes and sizes which are customizable for every car model type. Choosing yours that is designed for your specific car will work and look much better than a universal one.
How to Install a Vent Visor?
Vent visors can be installed by skilled installers or DIY. But whichever the case,.

This Step-by-Step Installation Process

Step 1: Inspect your kit.
Before going in and installing the pieces, make sure that you have all the pieces you need. If you have a four-door car, ensure that the kit have two lefts and two rights. Or if you have a two-door car, ensure that you have a left and right. All pieces must be labeled which side and window they go on.
Step 2: Read the installation instruction, thoroughly.
Reading the instructions not only gives you the insight on what to do but also gives you the heads up for what to prepare.
Step 3: Test fit each vent visor.
For tape-on: Check to make sure each visor lines up with the window channel it mounts on. This will also give you an idea how the vent visors will look on your car, or whether they will fit snugly right in. Doing so prevents the problem of prematurely removing the tape backing without the right fit.
For in-channel: For in-channels, you should roll the windows down to have more working space. Slide the visor up to the top starting in the middle of the window to see how it fits. Also, take note when slipping the blade of the front window visor to the rear-view window mount. This part is tricky because the blade may not fit in right away, allowing you to force the blade to slip it in and risking damage to the rear-view window mount. Once you’ve test-fitted each vent visor, you can now install them.
Step 4: Clean and prep the mounting surface.
For tape-on: Clean the window channel where the vent visor will adhere into by using alcohol pads that are included with your vent visor kit. Remember, the cleaner the face the vent visor will adhere into, the stronger the adhesion between the two would be. Also, clean all the windows all at once to allow them to dry at the same time.
For in-channel: Use the alcohol pads included in your vent visor kit to clean the insides of your window channels.
Step 5: Prep the vent visor.
For tape-on: Peel-off the tape backing of the vent visor and fold it so both ends of the tape backing will stick out, giving you a protruding tape backing that you will remove all the way on the next step.
For in-channel: Peel the backing of the tape on the back of the vent visor.
Step 6: Install the vent visor.
For tape-on: Lift the vent visor into position and line it up. Once you have it initially in place, stick both ends of the vent visor and check its alignment from afar and many angles. If it’s correctly in place just how you want it, remove all the tape backing all throughout and press it down to make sure the tape is attached along its entire length.
For in-channel: Slip the ends of the vent visor into the window channel and carefully put it in place up to the top of the window. Pull the visor towards the top corner of the window to ensure a snug fit. Once it’s in position, just like the way you want it, press the tape into the side of the channel and ensure it’s sticking along the length of the window channel. Then slowly raise the windows and check whether it’s hitting the visor.

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Computer Cut Window Tinting

Computer cut window tinting

Computer cut window tinting is on the rise now wherein numerous auto tinting shops are integrating this system to their services. Through the years, many shops has seen tremendous growth in terms of service turnaround, quality of work and profit. While there are still a huge portion of the industry that hasn’t adopted the system, many have realized the importance of this system in the window tinting industry. Many experts and entrepreneurs deemed this system worthy of their investment which ushered in an era of innovative window tinting services. 

A New Innovation

The system is highly innovative which utilizes technology and is a huge advancement from the previous manual-cut methodology. It brought many significant changes both in terms of service turnaround, material efficiency and quality of cut which translates to higher quality workmanship in a shorter time duration. For these reasons, computer cut window tinting systems is the way forward. 

We, at Flying Window Tinting located at Orlando, Florida has invested heavily in serving our customers better. We patronize innovative methodologies and has a growth-first mindset. For these reasons, we want our window tinting services to be as seamless as possible by integrating computer cut window tinting in our operations. 

Nowadays, we have a turnaround of 45 to 60 minutes for every type of vehicle as compared to the previous 2 to 3 hours using manual cutting methods. We have now in our capacity to serve more customers and give them what they want.  

Now, you can sit down and wait comfortably in our lounge area with cozy sofas and free Wi-Fi while you wait for your vehicle to be tinted. 

Computer Cut Window Tinting Flying Windows Tint

How Does It Work?

In contrary to manual cutting, computer cut tinting requires the use of a special software and plotter. The installer must input the specifications of cut based on the window module of the vehicle. 

What makes this convenient for us is we can make templates of cut for various types of vehicle. For instance, if a Toyota Corolla E210s suites up for window tinting, its specs can be stored in our database which can then be used in making a distinct template of cut suitable for all Toyota Corolla E210s out there. This capability can be extended to all types of vehicle in the future which makes us more efficient in our operations by having readily available templates of cut. 

In other words, we can store all possible templates of cut for every vehicle which can further reduce the service turnaround duration.  

Once inputted, the plotter will cut the window film to specifications with an accuracy of 99.8%. The installer will then install the computer cut window tinting by using a squeegee and heat gun. 

Gone are the days of the laborious and tedious task of manually cutting the window film to sections which are material inefficient and prone to mistakes. 

Benefits of Computer Cut Window Tinting 

  1. Accuracy of Cut

The accuracy of computers can’t be underestimated. In fact, this system is so accurate that you are guaranteed an accuracy of 99.8% for every cut. This figure translates to an accuracy of less than the width of a hair. At Flying Window Tinting, accuracy, among others set the standards of our services. 

  1. Saves Time

While manual-cut methodology is a tedious and time consuming process, computer cut window tinting process only takes about 15 minutes to finish and while the plotter is cutting the film, you can do other tasks such as doing prep work on the windows.

  1. Less Material Wastage

Another important benefits of computer-cut window tinting is material efficiency. The computer analyses the most efficient cut with the least amount of waste for the section of window tint film. Whereas manual cutting can become inefficient due to the likelihood of mistakes and inefficient cutting layout. 

So far, Flying Window Tinting has documented an increase of material efficiency of 30% which is given back to our customers in the form of discounts and low service costs. 

  1. Safety

Computer cut window tinting does not require contact with the windows which can permanently damage the windows. 

  1. Customized Design

Not only does we can tint vehicles faster and more accurately, this system also gives us the capacity to do custom work as well. 

At Flying Window Tinting, we have talented artists that can customize design which are nothing short of inspired and creative. Plus, we also help customers design on their own. We also have a number of pre-designed images that you can choose from. 

Available Custom Designs at Flying Window Tinting

We want to support the artistic talents of our customers by making it possible for them to visualize on their own and transform it into a work of art, taking the form of a customized window tint films. One way to put character and uniqueness of the driver to his vehicle is to custom design it. So for us to help you achieve your vehicle dream-look, we can add texts, logos, numbers, pictures and many more. In fact, we are only limited by your imaginations.

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What to look for in a quality window tinting installation

Quality window tinting

What Is A High Quality Window Tinting  Installation?

Despite being the nicest looking vehicle around complete with customized hoods, mufflers, stickers and everything, it only takes a bad window tinting job to spoil its whole look. The obvious and very noticeable output of a bad window tinting job is apparent, especially to car enthusiasts. 

More importantly, it can affect some aspects of its performance in blocking theharmful effects of sunlight. Plus, the likelihood of premature peeling and bubbling is high which have negative effects in its appearance and performance. 

So it’s important to know whether your vehicle has undergone a good or bad window tinting job. If proven that the latter is the case, you must protest your claims at the auto tinting shop that serviced you and have them replace it immediately, without additional cost. 

Here are the telltale signs to look at to determine whether you have a bad window tinting job:

What to look for in a quality window tinting installation Flying Windows Tint

Evident Gap and Uneven Lines

The first thing to look at is the window edges. Check for big gaps between the window films and the line of cut of the film. If big gaps are present and the line of cut are uneven, it only means a bad window tinting job due to poor workmanship. 

Also, the line of cut of the window film must be seamless enough without ragged cuts and should fit the window section snugly.

Purple Tint

Purple tint appear only in low-quality window tint films due to UV exposure. Seeing a purple-ish window tint film suggests that your auto tinting shop had used an inferior material.

Appearance id Bubbles

The appearance of bubbles is caused by two reasons, both of which concerns the workmanship of installation and quality of window films used. 

In terms of workmanship, bubbling only appears if the prep work on the windows is not done properly. A good prep work must remove all dirt and foreign material as to provide a suitable adhesion surface for the window film. Even though you have the best window films to be installed, a bad prep work will always guarantee appearance of bubbles. 

In terms of quality, bubbles will appear when low-quality window films’ adhesive starts to break down prematurely. When this happens, air will enter the gap which will bulge even more — forming unsightly bubbles.

Window Film Failure To Stick To Dot Matrix 

The dot matrix are basically textured surface for the shade band to stick to the front windshield. This textured surface however is difficult for window tint films to adhere to. A good auto tinting shop will have ways to overcome this issue and install the window films with ease. 

If the window film isn’t installed properly, you will notice broken lines and bubbles at the dot matrix.

Bubbling at Defroster Wires

Just like the dot matrix, defroster bars are also textured in a way that it’s elevated from the surface of the rear window. This window feature makes it difficult for window tint films to adhere to. However, reputable auto tinting shops have no problems installing window films at defroster bars. 

If the window film isn’t installed properly, there will be gaps at the defroster bar without adhesive. These gaps are the places where bubbles form and becomes larger over time. 

Find Your Own Reputable Auto Tinting Shop

You’re maybe wondering, if I’m guaranteed a good window tinting job from reputable auto tinting shop, I won’t be doing any of those things outlined above. That’s true, but it’s always better to know more. Knowing more gives you certain advantages given different circumstances. 

However, if you do are looking for a reputable auto tinting shop, we at Flying Window Tinting can guarantee a good window tinting job, removing the likelihood of you inconvenienced by bad window tinting job. 

Flying Window Tinting have years of experience servicing thousands of customers yearly. We offer smart solution, so expect it done right the first time. Call Flying Window Tinting for more information!

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Why does Window Tint Bubble and Turn Purple

Cleaning window tint

Having your vehicle tinted can oftentimes be frustrating when unsightly bubbles pop up on the surface. Not only does bubbles make your vehicle look distasteful, it is also a sign of poor quality auto window tinting.

You then wonder, how can I remove those bubbles on my vehicle? While there is a straightforward method that you can do, it is always better to prevent the bubbles from developing in the first place which can help you save more money. The importance of prevention and the benefits it can bring is your top priority. 

The Truth About Bubbling

Bubbles appear right after auto window tinting regardless of the quality of installation. One thing to note however is there are two types of bubbles, one is normal and the other is harmful. So if you noticed bubbles on your windows right after window tinting, do not worry and have it inspected. If it is a normal one, you are not obliged to have it removed because it will eventually disappear once the film has cured. This is the reason why your local auto tinting shop assures you that bubbles are normal. On the contrary, other types of bubbling such as trapped dirt, soap and air are harmful and if these pop out right after tinting your vehicle, have them redo the installation. Also, other factors such as low quality window tint films, using ammonia based cleaners and accidentally piercing the film all contributes to bubbling. 

Types of Bubbling



  • Normal Bubbles or Blisters


Blisters are basically trapped water underneath the window tint. This occurs when the tint film is installed on the wet face of the window. If you happen to notice one, don’t worry because it will naturally disappear when the tint film cures, meaning that all the water has evaporated. 

SUV window tinting
Ceramic window tint


  • Soap and Dirt Bubbles


When these type of bubbles appear, it indicates that there are problems with its installation. Basically, they are trapped dirt and soap solution underneath the window tint. What makes them harmful is that they stay there forever and will eventually damage the film. Unless you remove the film and remove the bubbles, they will stay there for a long time unlike blisters where they disappear after a few days. Another cause for this type of bubbling is using tint films with weak adhesion. Films with weak adhesion will have portions of its film bulging which allots space for air pockets to enter. These bubbles are easily recognizable as they are usually large and hazy in color unlike blisters where they are small and opaque. 

Preventive Measures

The best course of action against bubbling, or any other problems imaginable, is preventing them from developing in the first place. Here are some tips to consider in preventing bubbling:

  • Have it installed by a professional:Professional tint installers know every detail of installation and preparation to prevent bubbling. You should opt for auto tinting shop that gives warranties and is reputable to be guaranteed a high quality service. As long as we cannot get assurance from them, the feeling of uncertainty will make us anxious and be left behind not knowing what to do. This is especially true if the shop does not offer after service customer care. 
  • Choose high quality window tint films: Higher quality window tint films are less likely to bubble due to better adhesion and material integrity. 
  • Proper cleaning: Never use ammonia based cleaners in cleaning your windows. Doing so will corrode the film and cause premature peel off, causing bubbling. The correct way of cleaning is using a solution of soap and water on a microfiber cloth. 

Why does Window Tint Bubble and Turn Purple Flying Windows Tint

Removing Bubbles on your Window Tint

If bubbles appear weeks after auto window tinting, chances are there are lapses with its installation. What you should do is revisit the auto tinting shop and have them redo the films. They should have at least a policy or warranty on bubbling and the remedial work should cost you nothing. 

But if you want to remove bubbles for yourself, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Heat your window. Tint films are easier to work with when the temperature is high because it can make the adhesive more pliable. You can let the car sit outside for a couple of hours but if the weather is not warm, you can heat the window tint films using hair driers. 

Step 2: Moisten the window. Applying cold water to the warm window tint films will loosen the adhesive which allow the bubbles to move freely underneath the films. 

Step 3: Remove all bubbles. There are two ways that you can do to achieve this, one is poking each bubble with a straight pin or you can use a stiff card to push out the bubbles onto the edges. Be careful when pinching the film, otherwise, you can damage the window itself. 

Step 4: Clean the window. Clean the window tint film with a microfiber cloth and check for any damages.

This was written by Steven Hopkinson owner /operator of Flying Window Tinting.  

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Window Tinting Specs: Misconceptions

llumar window tinting

Window Tinting Specs: Misconceptions

Some of our customers at Flying Window Tinting oftentimes confuse specifications on window tint films. This is important because as a customer, you must be knowledgeable about the products and services you want to purchase. 

Although we help our customers promptly with this issue, we also consider the best interests of our customers by teaching them some of the technicalities they need to know as one of our main responsibilities.

window tint specs
Fig 1: Total solar energy rejected by glass treated with window film

Here is a typical window tint film specification:

  • Visible Light Transmission (VLT): 70%
  • Infrared Rejection (IRR): 50%
  • UV Rejection (UR): 99%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER): 50%

Now these specifications may be intimidating to some but it’s actually simple principles that can be understood. But before discussing each one of them, it’s important to know first what constitutes sunlight because it’s the governing factor for each one of them. 

Sunlight constitutes about 44% visible light, 53% infrared and 3% ultraviolet but it depends on which elevation and part you are in the globe. But this figure is the most accepted value which is based on ground level elevations. 

Types of Window Tint Specifications:

  • Visible Light Transmission: This metric describes the amount of visible light that is transmitted through the window tint film. So the lower the VLT ratings, the lower amount of visible light is transmitted through. Therefore, the film is darker in shade. 
  • Infrared Rejection: This metric describes the amount of infrared rays rejected by window tint films measured over the wavelength of 780nm to 2500nm. So the higher the IRR ratings, the higher the amount of infrared rays are rejected. Therefore, the window tint film reduces more heat. 
  • Ultraviolet Rejection: This metric describes the amount of ultraviolet rays rejected by window tint films measured at all types of UV rays such as UVA and UVB. Most window tint films rejects 99% of UV rays. 
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected: This metric describes the total amount of solar energy (UV + visible + IRR) that is rejected by the window tint films. Solar energy is the radiant light and heat from the sun. It’s also the combined energy of the three constituents of sunlight. The total amount of solar energy is also the amount of heat generated by sunlight, however, infrared rays contribute the most heat out from the total. 

Window Tinting Specs: Misconceptions Flying Windows Tint

Common Misconceptions of Window Tint Specifications:

1. The window tint I purchased can reject 99% of infrared rays, does it mean that there will be no heat inside my vehicle?

While it’s true that there are window tint films that indeed rejects 99% of infrared rays, it doesn’t mean a total heat rejection to the point where no heat will be felt inside the vehicle. Rejecting 99% of infrared rays would not reject 99% of the heat, but rather 99% of the 53% of infrared rays. The other constituents of sunlight also produces heat; albeit minimal, there are still heat present.

Also, beware of dealers that measure infrared heat rejection ratings of their window tint films. Chances are they’re only measuring a select range of wavelength that will produce the best rating for their window tint films, typically at the range from 900nm to 1100nm.

As an astute customer, you must ask IR ratings that are based on the whole range of infrared spectrum at 780nm to 2500nm. If they don’t provide you one, it’s time to back away. It’s most likely that their IR ratings are only a marketing ploy.

2. So if a window tint film’s TSER rating is high, would that mean that it’s a better performing film?

No, definitely not. Let’s not forget that the TSER rating is the amalgamation of the other three metrics (UV + visible + IRR). For instance, increasing the shade of film decreases its VLT ratings which in turn lowers the TSER rating of the film, but it doesn’t mean that a dark-shaded film is underperforming. In fact, a dark-shaded film is satisfactory because it’s highly reflective. 

To make an apple-to-apple comparison, consider comparing window films with the same VLT ratings and determine their TSER rating accordingly. The higher the TSER rating, the more effective the window tint film.

3. I purchased a highly reflective, dark-shaded window tint film, does that mean it rejects heat and UV rays significantly?

Not necessarily, when we say that a film is highly reflective — what it pertains to is its reflective capability only towards visible light. Other constituents of sunlight such as infrared and ultraviolet are not affected. 

To determine the effectiveness of a window tint film, you should look at the three metrics (VLT, IRR and UR) specifically to have a ball park estimate of its effectiveness. A better metric to gauge its effectiveness is finding its TSER ratings as discussed above. 

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5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Window Tinting Your Vehicle

Admit it, the very first time you considered tinting your vehicle, you have no clue about the necessary information needed to have an acceptable window tinting job. In fact, everyone is stuck in this stage, not only you, unless they ask themselves the right questions. Otherwise, you’ll lack the knowledge to make rewarding decisions for you and worse, you’re only gambling away your money for either a good or bad window tinting job, no in-between — with the latter being the most common. 

Always ask yourself “Am I really ready to tint my vehicle?” If the answer is no and you haven’t yet considered everything to go smoothly as possible, then take baby steps before impulsively making unwise decisions. Knowledge is key to an acceptable window tinting job. Read on about the five questions you should be asking yourself before tinting your vehicle. 

  1. Which type of window tint is suitable for my vehicle?

Now this question may seem like a huge hurdle to overcome due to the amount of technical expertise needed to answer this question. But fret not, you can always consult <link to “How To Find The Best Car Window Tint”> a professional window tint installer or dealer for they can provide you with insights and expert advice. 

They can give you insights on numerous factors such as which shade or ratings to choose or what type of window tint films have the best performance, among others. 

One thing to note however is, never trust a sales person when consulting for their advice on the matter. Chances are they’re only pushing you to buy their products with using lies and deceit. Be vigilant on the way the sales person speaks. If he is purposely trying to emphasize some sort of specific item or brand, you should take everything what he said with a grain of salt. 

Key takeaways: a) Consult a professional for consultation. b) Never trust sales persons. 

  1. Is the window tint film covered by warranty?

Everyhigh quality products must come with a limited lifetime warranty. Therefore, those auto window tinting shops and dealers that don’t offer warranties imply that their products are subpar on quality, to say the least. 

The reasoning behind warranties is to guarantee the customer the authenticity of the quality of products as advertised. Otherwise, it would suggest that the shop or dealer is not confident about their products. 

We, at Flying Window Tinting only uses high quality window tint films from Llumar Window Films. From high quality ceramic window tint such as Llumar CTX and Llumar Air Blue 80 <link to the page of those films> coupled with high workmanship installation, we are confident that we will surpass the standards expected on us by our customers. And more importantly, give our customers what they want. 

Key takeaways: a) Llumar CTX and Llumar Air Blue 80 is the type of tint you should consider. b) All window tint films must have a warranty.

  1. How long will the window tint film last?

High quality types of window tints such as ceramic window tint usually have lifetime warranties. This is a testament to their resilient nature in overcoming the accumulation of wear and tear through the years. Whereas window tint films on the lower end of the spectrum typically lasts only from five to ten years. 

However, this is only true provided that window tints are properly maintained and taken care off. Otherwise, the window tint film may not reach its intended lifespan and will need premature replacement. 

Key takeaways: a) Ceramic window tint films are the best in the market. b) Proper maintenance and care will prolong the longevity of window tint films.

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Window Tinting Your Vehicle Flying Windows Tint

  1. How much would it cost me to tint my vehicle?

Price is the most important question you should ask yourself because it’s the deciding factor whether you have the capacity to purchase services or not. On average, the cost of tinting a typical vehicle generally ranges around $100 to $800, depending on factors such as type of material used, installation expertise or type of vehicle. 

In fact, many car owners will opt for cheaper window tint films to save up on money. However, this is not really the case because opting for cheap films can result in inflated cost in the future due to higher maintenance cost or premature replacement. More importantly, window tinting your vehicle must be considered as an investment plan where your profits are reaped in the form of maintenance cost savings and a one-time installation cost.

Key takeaways: a) Window tinting your vehicle is an investment.

  1. Is the auto tinting shop reputable enough to tint my vehicle?

This is one of the questions often neglected but is crucial in its own right. Don’t just choose any auto tinting shop near you because it’s convenient. More often than not, it’ll do you more harm than good. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on incompetent auto tinting shops, do you? 

What you should do is find the best auto tinting shop <link to “Finding the Best Auto Tinting Shop”> near you. Do proper research and gather invaluable information. 

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Window Tinting Your Vehicle Flying Windows Tint

Key takeaways: a) Find the best auto tinting shop.

We have been operating for over 23 years and we are rated as one of the best window tinting shop in Orlando, Florida. Visit our shop, our professionals are more than willing to help you out. 

At Flying Window Tinting, we stick it where the sun shines! We add a new life to your windows. 

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Finding the Best Auto Tinting Shop

Factory lllumar more truck

Choosing the appropriate auto tinting shop is not as simple as searching up places to eat online and making a decision right away. There is a lot at stake because the outcome of your window tinting job can only be either great or terrible, no in between. You can either look at your car with satisfaction or see a distasteful tinting job. The best course of action you can do is conduct a thorough research about the pros and cons of each shop and course throughout its reviews. In this situation, a word of mouth advice can also be invaluable. Follow the outlined information below to help you find the best auto tinting shops in your locale. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Auto Tinting Shop 

  1. Observe the vehicles of family and friends who just had window tinting. 

Look for signs of poor workmanship, especially at the edges of windows because it is difficult to work around this part. It can be tricky and mistakes are likely to happen. If there are even minute slices at the edges of the tint films, it means that the installer was not delicate in cutting the film to fit in the windows. More importantly, inspect for scratches or damages on the paint job surrounding the windows. If they are present, it indicates poor workmanship and the shops that serviced their vehicles must be out of your list. 

  1. Collect word of mouth reviews.

If your family and friends or other people you know just had their vehicles tinted, you can ask their opinion and feedback about their recent tinting job. Chances are they will tell you everything and that information are invaluable which can help you decide which auto tinting shop might be the best for you. Be objective and keep realistic information over those which are exaggerated. If you are really determined, you can even ask the owner of an aesthetic random vehicle, if he or she is around. Perhaps, they can even let you have a closer look and they can share you useful information.

Finding the Best Auto Tinting Shop Flying Windows Tint

  1. Have a closer look at the window tinting job from an angle. 

Looking at a tinting job at an angle allows you to see if there are bubbles and imperfections. If everything is smooth and uniform, then these are signs of high-quality workmanship. But don’t stop there, inspect the edges of the windows if it is fully covered with films. If everything is in good order, then it is a major turn on for the shop that serviced their vehicle.  

  1. Personally visit some auto tinting shops.

Compile a list of auto tinting shops so you can visit them specifically. You can then compare prices and customer service. If the shop is reputable, the owner or employees will cater to your needs and be happy to accommodate you. More importantly, they will show you around the shop and service area. Observe whether the service area is clean and located indoors, otherwise, it should be a turn off. They should also show you various window tint films and discuss everything from material and labor costs, warranties, policies, sample works and technicalities. If you are denied these opportunities, chances are they are hiding something or their shop isn’t as reputable and this is a major turn off.  

window tinting
llumar tint
  1. Course through online reviews about local auto tinting  shops.

You can find reviews on Google, Reddit, Yahoo or other review sites like Yelp. Shops with numerous positive feedbacks is the shop you should look for. And if it is indeed good on its services, it must show it off online so look for its website and review all its contents. If you are liking what you are seeing, then schedule for a visit. 

Are You Ready To Choose Your Auto Tinting Shop?

If you followed everything listed above, it would be easier for you to shortlist shops within your area. You can then further narrow down your choices and choose the best shop based on your preferences. If the transaction seems transparent and fairly straightforward and you feel that your expectations are going to be met, then you are now ready to purchase your tinting job. 

Why Choose Flying Window Tinting?

Window tinting Orlando

World Class Auto Tinting 

Flying Window Tinting uses Llumar window films—the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance window tint films. We have 23 years of high-quality auto tinting services on our belt and we constantly innovate our methods to surpass the market standards in compliance with state laws. We gained the necessary technical expertise to remain on top of the market in Orlando, Florida. 

We offer a smart solution so expect it done right the first time. Our goal is to ensure that the trust and confidence given to us by our customers are upheld. We have recorded


Mustang tinted windows
llumar window tint installed

Growing Number of Customers

Throughout the years, we have consistently serviced a growing number of customers per year. For the year 2019 alone, we recorded a five-fold increase from the last decade which numbers 5000 customers

The growing number of customers is a testament to our high-quality auto tinting services and we pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship imparted by us to you. 


Guaranteed Benefits

If you are looking to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of sunlight, Flying Window Tinting has a solution for you. We offer window tint films that provide you with superb protection from the harmful effects of sunlight. Our services can guarantee that you, your family and vehicle are protected from the harmful effects of sunlight. But there’s more! We offer lifetime warranties on select auto tinting services. Flying Window Tinting assures that our customers are satisfied with our services—including benefits such as:

    • UV Ray Protection: Our window tint film helps block harmful UV Rays which means greater protection for you and your family from various UV Radiation exposure induced skin diseases. Your vehicle upholsteries such as leather seats, fabrics and coverings are better protected from UV Ray induced cracking and fading. Expect year-round UV Protection.


  • Heat Reduction: Prolonged driving under the scorching sun will increase the inside temperature of your vehicle to uncomfortable levels. Unless you are using an effective window tint film, you cannot reverse its effects. Our window tint films can specifically block Infrared Rays of sunlight—the component of sunlight that generates heat. 
  • Glare Reduction: Glare on your windows mostly occurs during dawn and dusk wherein it coincides with our drive to and from work. It can become dangerous for everyone on the road. Our window tint film can cut on glare significantly allowing you to see clearly even when the sun is brightest. 
  • Fuel Savings: Our window tint film can block Infrared Rays by 50% which translates to a cooler vehicle interior and consequently requires less air-conditioning—conserving fuel.
  • Privacy: We all desire privacy to some extent and this extends to our vehicle as well. We offer window tint films in various shades for your choosing.
  • Attractiveness Factor: Our window tint films are available in various shades and you can get creative depending on your preferences. Our shop can provide you with assistance which are guaranteed to make your vehicle sleeker and more stylish. 
  • Fading Prevention: All vehicle windows and upholsteries will fade over time but prolonged UV Radiation exposure can accelerate this process. Installing our Window tints can prevent this from happening.   
  • Safety: Our services’ main goal. Expect that you and your family are protected from the harmful effects of sunlight. Expect your windows to become stronger and shatter-resistant, all due to our exceptional installation methodology.  

Why Choose Flying Window Tinting? Flying Windows Tint

What’s More At Flying Window Tinting?

We have a variety of products specifically made to address your concerns and preferences. Flying Window Tinting is your best choice for auto tinting services. Couple it with high-quality ceramic window tint such as Llumar CTX and Llumar Air Blue 80 the honor, you are guaranteed to have the best possible performance. We also not limit our services to regular sedans and SUVs but also to trucks as well. Truck tinting is basically the same as tinting regular sedans, but much bigger. Our professionals can handle any type of vehicle. We is Ando

We have been operating for over 23 years and we are rated as one of the best window tinting shop in Orlando, Florida. Visit our shop, our professionals are more than willing to help you out. 

At Flying Window Tinting, we stick it where the sun shines! We add a new life to your windows. 

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Car Window Tinting: A Good Idea or Not?

Good deal window tinting

Trying to decide whether getting your car tinted is worth it? If you do, you share the same sentiments of most car owners out there who had just considered getting one. But for those who had their cars tinted did this for many reasons. For instance, improving their car’s aesthetic looks, cooling down their cars, adding privacy and more.
These car owners generally have unanimous positive feedback but you shouldn’t just rely solely on feedbacks by others; although important but you should do your own research prior to getting one. Other factors like where to look for professional tint installers and high-quality tint films must be considered as well.
But despite all these, the general consensus of most car owners suggest that car window tinting is indeed a good idea.


Car Window Tinting: A Good Idea or Not? Flying Windows Tint

Is it really a good idea to tint your car?

Let’s outline all the major benefits of having your car tinted:
Can Reduce Ultraviolet Radiation
Do you ever wonder why driving under the scorching sun may oftentimes feel a sting on your skin? This may seem like a trivial thought to even think about but prolonged exposure to sunlight can be harmful to us and to the car as well.
This is because sunlight is made up of three (3) basic elements which are: visible light, infrared light and ultraviolet light. Visible and infrared light has no harmful effects to us except the latter, which will raise the inside temperature of your car to uncomfortable levels. On the other hand, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light is harmful which can cause various skin diseases. The stingy feeling you felt on your skin is actually excessive ultraviolet rays penetrating your skin.

A car window tint of good quality can help increase protection from ultraviolet rays to some extent. In fact, there are no car tints available in the market that can completely reflect all ultraviolet rays—high quality tints can reflect up to 80% at best. So it is noteworthy to pick the correct car tint to suit your preferences. Don’t worry, even the lowest quality tint can block ultraviolet rays to a minimal extent, usually at 15%.

Cooler Interior

Driving under the scorching sun will inevitably heat the car’s interior to uncomfortable levels, not unless you have the AC turned on max then you’re not going to prevent this from happening.Most car window tints of reputable quality can lessen the heat radiating inside the car’s interior. This is due to the physical properties that makes up the whole tint film as it reflects a portion (percentages reflected depends on the VLT ratings) of the sunlight.

Infrared light is the specific element of sunlight that can cause heating inside your car but this scenario can be prevented due to the material composition (additives like dye, metal, etc.) that makes up the tint films. These additives blocks infrared light specifically which drastically prevents in heating the car’s interior temperature to uncomfortable levels.

Better Fuel Economy

Since car window tints naturally cools down your car, they can also help conserve fuel in the long run. Why? Because when the temperature is low inside your car, you are less likely to turn on the ac on max which conserves fuel. In contrast, you are certainly turning the ac on max for a long time if it is hot, not unless you’re okay driving while sweating, which will drain your gas tank quickly so it is wise to get your car tinted to save up on fuel!


Car Window Tinting: A Good Idea or Not? Flying Windows Tint

Increased Privacy

There are instances when we leave our important possessions such as phones and wallets inside the car when we’re on a quick errand. This is an issue of concern whenever someone caught the attention of your possessions inside, and it would be unfortunate if that “someone” turned out to be a thief. They may possibly break inside your car and steal all your possessions. Tinting your car can solve this problem by making it impossible for others to see inside your car.
Furthermore, we all want privacy just like everybody else. You don’t want other people seeing you inside the car right? Tinting your car will provide you increased privacy.

Preserve Upholstery

Do you ever wonder why your car’s leather seats and other fabrics are cracking? The main culprit again is the sun. Consider the sun as the car’s mortal enemy and one of the car’s weapon is its tint film!
This happens due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Nothing can escape the damaging effects of sunlight. So it is always advisable to protect important upholsteries of your car by tinting your car.
Although the deterioration of upholsteries are inevitable due to time, car window tint helps in maintaining the quality of upholsteries for a longer time, perhaps even surpassing the longevity as prescribed in its warranty. Remember that all things last long if it is taken care of, so consider having your car tinted.

This was written by Steven Hopkinson owner /operator of Flying Window Tinting.  

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