How to Safely Clean Ceramic Window Tint: A Complete Guide

Very few tints offer super performance in the crowded marketplace of window tints. Ceramic window tint is one of them. Along with its high-performing capacity, it also offers greater durability and low maintenance needs.

With all these positive markings, it is not surprising that the ceramic tint film market’s overall revenue is expected to touch $391510.2 million by 2031 with a CAGR of 4.2%.

Among all these favorable indicators, a critical issue underlies, i.e., cleaning the ceramic window tint. Knowing how to clean ceramic window tint is essential to retain its fully functional state and enhance longevity. So, let’s know the process in detail.

Must-Know Infos: Ceramic Window Tints

As per the core, ceramic window tints are specialized tint films that embrace advanced ceramic nanoparticle technology. In its production process, semi-solid state ceramic particles are infused into high-quality polyester film through the use of IR Blocking Technology. A sheet of ceramic window tint consists mainly of the following materials:

  • The hard coating of nanoparticles of ceramic
  • Clear polyester layer
  • The adhesive also contains nanoparticles
  • Another layer of clear polyester
  • Mounting adhesive

Benefits of Using Ceramic Tint at Car Windows

The following are the benefits of using ceramic tint on car windows.

  • Ceramic window tints can block more than 50% of the solar heat, improving the car’s energy efficiency while reducing fuel bills.
  • Most importantly, this tint category can block 99% of UV rays from entering the car, protecting the occupants and the interior’s health.
  • This tint reduces 70% of the glare, offering a smoother and comfortable indoor environment inside the car with clear visibility.
  • As ceramic tint does not contain any metallic component, it does not trigger interference for other electronic devices like Alexa, stereo systems, ABS, etc.
  • Ceramic window tints showcase remarkable durability.
  • It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the interior and exterior of the car.

Maintenance Challenges

Ceramic window tint provides numerous benefits but requires regular maintenance, which some people might find challenging.

  • Cleaning ceramic tint requires a non-ammonia-based cleaner and cloth made of soft microfiber. Users sometimes struggle to find these due to a lack of knowledge.
  • Without knowing the curing period of this tint, many car owners promptly go for cleaning. However, the curing time for ceramic tint is approximately 4-10 weeks. So, the owner must not clean the tint during this period.
  • Due to a lack of knowledge, the DIY process of ceramic tint cleaning eventually creates scratches as the vehicle owner uses rough materials.

Common Misconceptions

The following misconceptions about ceramic window tint, we would like to clarify.

  • First, many people think only darker-shaded ceramic film can block UV rays. This is untrue; even a nearly transparent ceramic tint film can block UVs.
  • People assume that ceramic tints are also the same as other tints. However, this tint provides far higher performance than conventional tints.
  • Another misconception is that ceramic tints are expensive. Well, the more sugar it means, the more sweet. Still, our expert observation says the ceramic tint is highly affordable.

Why Clean Ceramic Window Tint

The following points are designated to answer this question.

  • With the passage of time, dirt and debris accumulate on the tinted window surface, creating a cloudy appearance of the window while making the indoors gloomy. Cleaning of the tint assists in regaining enhanced visibility.
  • The layer of dirt on the tint reduces its heat rejection capacity. So, it is essential to clean from time to time.
  • Dirty windows degrade the visual appeal of the car. A simple cleaning work can improve the magnificence of the whole interior and exterior.
  • Cleaning of the ceramic tint enhances its longevity.
  • Finally, the top-notch condition due to cleaning the tint work increases the car’s selling value.

Stepwise Guide to Clean Ceramic Window Tint

The following is the step-by-step guide to clean the ceramic window tint.

Step 01: Preparation

First, arranging materials like mild soap, spray bottles, soft fiber cloth, squeegee, soft brush, distilled water, and so on is essential. Also, cleaning the window tint on a cloudy or partially cloudy day is better.

Step 02: Removal of Dirt and Dust

In this step, the loosely stuck dirt, dust, and debris on the tinted surface must be removed using a soft brush and microfiber cloth. Special care needs to be taken while cleaning the corners and folds.

Step 03: Applying the Cleaning Substance

It is time to prepare the cleaning solution with mild soap and distilled water or use a commercial tint cleaner. Start with spraying the solution on the already arranged soft fiber cloth. Wipe the tinted surface with that cloth piece.

Step 04: Wipe the Tint Surface

After waiting a few minutes, properly wipe the surface with soft cloth. It must use either vertical or horizontal stocks to perfect the cleaning.

Step 05: Drying Work

Use a gentle circular motion to buff the window with the help of the soft cloth piece. In this case, close inspection is needed to evaluate the cleaning quality.

Step 06: Finishing

Let the cleaned ceramic window tint stay in that condition, and then do a final checkup. If any dirty spot is identified, it should be treated individually.

Choose DIY Vs. Professional Ceramic Tint Cleaning Service

So, there are two options to clean the ceramic window tint. The car owner should consider the factors below to decide between DIY and professional cleaning services.

DIY Cleaning
Professional Cleaning
Saves money Higher costs associated
Need to allocate time compromising other important tasks No intervention from the car owner is needed
Degraded work quality most of the time High-quality work all the time
No warranty Warranty is given
No specialized equipment and tool Skilled professionals with the latest and automated tools

Final Words

Given the importance of ceramic window cleaning, a car owner must regularly inspect the tint’s condition. However, if the tint is dirty, he or she can use the listed DIY guide to clean the tint. Here, the issue is that ceramic window tint is costly: $8-$22 per sq ft. So, if the car owner lacks knowledge and skill in tint cleaning, the damage level will be severe. 

We suggest seeking professional help to restrict the loss of money in terms of bad cleaning or damage to tint work. Call us for any assistance. We are available 24/7 to meet your needs.

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