Mobile Window Tinting VS Professional Window Tinting Shop

Perhaps the time it takes driving to a reputable professional window tinting shop and waiting for your vehicle to be tinted is not worth your precious time. Especially if it’s a long drive from home. You’d rather just stay indoors together with the comforts of home and hope that someone is tinting your vehicle.

Well you’re in luck, some shops send their installers to your house or anywhere you prefer to do such that while you carry on with your business. Also, start-up tinting services start from these services as well. Although the start-up ones are more common. This type of service is what we call mobile window tinting.
Cool right?

The installers will come directly to you while you sip your coffee and go on with your life. While this option may seem appealing, it also has its pros and cons as compared to professional window tinting in a professional auto tinting shop. Read on about the pros and cons of mobile window tinting to get some insights.

Pros of Mobile Window Tinting:

1. All for your convenience

How awesome it would be to have your vehicle tinted without even having to leave your house? Access to this service as a go-to option gives you great convenience and removes the hassle associated with long drives to the auto tinting shop and waiting awkwardly at their lounges while they finish the job.

Our installers will come directly to you or anywhere you prefer, allowing you to indulge yourself with all the comforts of your house while we tint your vehicle. Sit back and watch our experts at work.

2. Your schedule will not be affected

While your schedule for the week and subsequent weeks are already set in stone, you can still squeeze in tinting your vehicle without affecting your schedule. You can schedule anytime you prefer without the lingering thought of whether adjusting your meeting on the morning to lunch, whatsoever.

Chances are, you even have other nagging worries that needs your full attention and time and professional window tinting doesn’t have to be one of those worries. Let us worry about window tinting your vehicle. Our team of experts and installers is more than willing to go directly to your house for your convenience.

3. Experts come to you

Seeing the experts hard at work at your house gives you a sense of ease that comes only when you’re guaranteed a professional window tinting job. During which, you can observe and mingle with them — ask questions and know a thing or two about their job.

What happens here is beneficial for both parties since the presence of the customer affects the performance of the installer positively. Plus, the customer has a hands-on perspective of the job whereas at the shop, the job is usually done at closed-door without access to customers.

Cons of Mobile Window Tinting:

1. Lack of specialized tools and equipment

Expert installers can only bring a limited amount of tools and equipment. They can’t bring the whole container tool, that’s absurd. Which is why it is important for shops to send experts to handle such a handicapped situation.

But despite this, there are instances when a professional window tinting job is done badly and they have to return some other day to rectify it. In other words, installers have little to no room for mistakes. But if they did commit mistakes, the window tinting job will be prolonged significantly as they will have to return to their shop and fix the situation accordingly.

Start-up tinting services on the other hand usually have no capital investments on specialized tools and equipment. They rather rely on old-fashioned and improvised tools to get by. So don’t expect a high-quality professional window tinting job. But we’re not doing them justice when we already assumed they’re bad. They aren’t necessarily so bad in a sense they’re detested but they aren’t so good either.

2. Low-quality window tint films used

Most mobile window tinting services are start-ups so naturally, they don’t have enough capital to invest for a high-quality window tint film. Expect low-quality dyed or metallic window tint film from them.

Which is better?

Mobile window tinting may seem more appealing. The perks of not having to drive at an auto tinting shop is luxury within our reach. However, the risk of low-quality tinting job is very high and in part, becomes a stigma of mobile window tinting. In fact, most mobile tinting services result in defects in the long run.

A glimmer of hope however is that a small percentage of having an acceptable tinting job from mobile tinting is still possible. Nevertheless, it all turns out on how you weigh your options. If you’re willing to risk your vehicle to a mobile window tinting service while you’re cozy at home, then so be it. If you’re not willing to take risks, you can opt for a professional auto tinting shop and be inconvenienced in other aspects of your life.

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