No Regrets Tinting: Simple Tips for New Car Owners

Car window tinting is a popular way of enhancing the aesthetic look with privacy, security, and health benefits. They increase the comfortability and keep us safe from unwanted accidents while driving. However, the longevity of tinted windows depends on the maintenance. 

Especially for car owners, it is essential to know the basic tinted car window maintenance. In this article, we have collaborated with professionals to provide the necessary tips that a car owner must follow after tinting the windows.

What Is Window Tint & How It Works

Laminating the windows with a dark and unbreakable layer is a great way of improving security and safety. Honestly, tinting windows has become a popular trend for its unbeatable benefits. However, window tint is a tint film that has several properties. 

It is a thin and dark laminating paper with metallic, hybrid, or ceramic coating. Tint films are manufactured with the latest technology to deny UV rays and sunlight transmission. So, the interior of a car stays as it was before and overcomes fading. A tinted window also helps to see softly without hurting the eyes and maintain energy efficiency. 

Besides, every state has different types of laws to maintain the VLT or how much light the tint must transmit. In other words, you must consider the law before tinting your windows with specific tint film.

Benefits of Car Windows Tinting

Tinted car windows bring lots of benefits. Let’s explore how a tinted window benefits the car owner.

Ensure Safe Driving

While driving a car, reflections made it hard to see the road. Especially the reflection of sun glare and other car lights reduce comfortable eyesight and we need to wear sunglasses. 

According to the research, lots of car accidents take place for the reason of light reflections, especially at night. However, a tinted window and windshield directly block those reflections with a darkened view. So, you don’t have to take any extra tools or elements to maintain safe driving.

Increase Safety and Privacy

Safety and privacy is a valuable consideration if you often park your car in public places. Without tinted windows, passersby and potential thieves may see your entire car interior and make evil plans. 

You can easily bypass those privacy and safety concerns by using tinted windows. However, a tinted window prevents the outsiders from seeing clearly through the windows while you can see them from inside. So, you can stay in your car without exposing your vulnerability and privacy. 

Block Harmful Rays

Continuous contact with UV rays causes skin damage including skin cancer. It also diminishes the interior appearance. A suitable tint film can easily block more than 99% of UV rays to impact the interior. 

According to research by the American Skin Cancer Foundation, factory tinted windows can prevent 53% of UV rays whereas aftermarket tinted windows can prevent 99% harmful UV rays. So, to keep ourselves safe from harmful UV rays, we have to use tinted windows.

Energy Efficiency

The heating issue always makes it uncomfortable to drive a car. Though using air conditioning can reduce the temperature, it is not an energy-efficient way. On the other hand, tinted windows will naturally keep your car far from uncomfortable temperatures even in summertime. 

Particularly, a tint film blocks the transmission of solar glare inside and the cabin air can flow through the ventilation. So, the temperature always remains cool so we don’t need to use the air conditioning system. Overall, it reduces the use of energy sources even in some cars they use the tint film as a solar panel to absorb the energy.

Choosing the Right Tint

Choosing the right types of window tint film is essential for better performance. Here are some window tints that become very popular for their properties and benefits.

Types of Windows Tint 

  • ATR Metallized window tint: This window tint comes with a metallic coating that reflects the glare and prevents UV transmission. This ATR tint has a scratch-resistant coating with dyed and metallic combination manufacturing. So, if you want a long-lasting metallic appearance then you can apply this tint.
  • CTX Ceramic Windows Tint: Ceramic tints are more popular than other tints. The nano-ceramic technology made this CTX ceramic windows tint a premium windows tint film. Along with other tints, it also blocks UV rays and sun glare properly. Moreover, it ensures a premium look.
  • IRX Series Premium Ceramic Tint: This tint film is mostly known for its heat rejection features. It also prevents 99% of UV rays and maintains a cool and sustainable cabin environment. 
  • AIR Blue 80 Ceramic Tint: As we know ceramic-coated tint achieved huge popularity for its looks, nanotech, and extraordinary features. Besides, AIR Blue 80 has a transparent light blue effect that provides a clear view during day and night driving. 

Most Popular Tint Levels

Car window tint is determined by the VLT percentage. Every state defines different types of tint levels for the vehicles. However, the common and legal tint levels are 5%, 15%, 25%, 35%, 50%, 70%, and 75%. 

That percentage defines how much light they can transmit and how much darker they are. So, when you are going to choose a tint film, consider the VLT percentage and check for legal suggestions. 

Hiring a Professional vs. DIY Tinting

Car window tinting is not for newbies or immatures. Because it has some important rules and regulations that need to be followed. Otherwise, the installation will be defective and the tint will peel off immediately. 

However, if you are going to tint your windows avoid DIY tinting and hire professionals. In addition, a professional knows the tint levels and is aware of the quality of the film. They also know the procedure of installing properly. 

In other words, you can be tension-free and the tint film will stay for a long time without any vulnerability. Therefore, always hire professionals to tint your residential and car windows.

Maintaining Tips For Tinted Windows 

Every car-related modification needs to be maintained properly for a long-lasting and outstanding look. Here are some important tips that a car owner must follow after tinting the windows.

Tinted Windows Cleaning Techniques

Use Cleaning Solution

After tinting car windows, it needs regular maintenance. Especially if you are going for a long ride or intercity roaming. On the other hand, cleaning tinted windows also improves longevity and stability. 

However, a tinted car needs extra care for its cleaning process. According to the professionals, they suggest using soapy water or cleaning solutions to clean the tinted windows. 

Before applying cleaning solutions remember to use water to remove the dust and debris from the surface. After that apply soapy water or other related solution and use a sponge to wipe gently. 

Apply Drying Method

When the wiping is completed then apply microfiber or clean cloths to soak the water drop. That process will help the tinted film to dry and clean. Avoid hard pressure on the surface otherwise, the tint film outer coating will be damaged by scratches.

Common Issues of Tinted Windows 

Water drop, air pockets, and bubbling are common issues that a tinted window projects often. After installing from a professional the chance of those issues might be minimal but not obvious. 

So, if you find any of those issues while cleaning then use a plastic card or your credit card to push them out to the nearest edge. In addition, the tinted car also gets scratched often which reduces the aesthetic appeal. So try to avoid getting scratches and if you get any then use microfiber cloths and ammonia-free cleaners to shine the tint.

If any of those don’t work then you will need to seek professional help. They will guide you to whether you need to fix the old film or replace it with the new one.


Tinted car windows help with many things. They improve the appearance and increase the lifespan of the window. However, this article describes the necessary steps that a car owner must follow after tinting. It will not only provide benefits but also save money.

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