Orlando Window Tint Specialists Share How to Avoid a Tinting Nightmare

As Orlando window tint specialists, here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, we have plenty of experience tinting car windows. Unfortunately, we also have experience in fixing the car windows of people who have gone with less than reputable companies for their window tinting. So today we want to share advice on how to avoid this kind of window tinting nightmare!

Orlando Window Tint Specialists Share How to Avoid a Window Tinting Nightmare!

Don’t Do It Yourself

Do it yourself car window tinting is never a good option. Not only do you lack the experience to properly fit window tint film yourself, but the tints that you purchase in-store are far from the professional tints available at professional shops. These “over-the-counter” films are not cut specifically to fit your car windows which means that they aren’t a perfect fit. So, not only are you getting window tint films that aren’t ideal for your vehicle, but you are also going to experience difficulties like bubbling and wrinkling of the tint if you don’t know what you are doing during installation.

Don’t Go With Cheap Window Tint Film

Whether you do your own installation or whether you have a window tint shop do the installation for you, don’t go with cheap window tint film! Reputable Orlando Window Tint specialists will invest only in high-quality window tint film so if the shop you choose carries only cheap window tint film or even offers such film, turn tail and run! Whatever you do, don’t go with a cheap film just because it’s the only option, it’s the cheapest option, or because you’re “already there”. These cheap tints will not only look terrible on your windows, but they will cost money to remove when you realize how awful they look!

Research Orlando Window Tint Specialists Before You Go!

Before you make an appointment to get your car windows tinted, do your research. Research local shops to get an idea of experiences others have had at the shop, look at any photographs that are shared by customers of the shop, find out what type of window tint film is offered by the shop and research the types of film to determine which high-quality film is right for you.

After doing your research, don’t be afraid to go down to a window tint shop that you are considering and look around. Ask any questions that you have about window tinting and your needs. Take a look at work that is being done currently and take the time to decide whether you are happy with the work that the shop performs.

Know What You Are Looking For in Window Tint

When you go to get your car windows tinted, know what you want from your window tint film. Knowing what you’re looking for will make sure that you don’t settle for less when you visit local shops. Are you looking for protection against UV rays? Are you looking for privacy? Are you looking for the whole nine yards?

Look For a Shop with Experience

When looking for Orlando window tint specialists, look for a shop with experience. How long has the shop been in business? Newer shops aren’t necessarily bad news – sometimes they just move location! – but shops that have been established for a longer period of time are more likely to be a trusted part of the community. Shops that have been set up overnight are more likely to be fly by night businesses or businesses that have poor service.

Ask Questions and Know the Answers

When it comes to window tint, there are laws in effect that govern how dark window tint can legally be. These laws differ by state and it’s important that technicians working on your car window tint are familiar with local laws. A shop that is not familiar with local laws is not a shop that you should trust with your car. Know your local laws before visiting a car window tinting shop and ask questions when you get there to verify that the shop you have chosen is knowledgeable.

Find Out How Their Window Tint Film is Cut

When researching shops for your car window tint, make sure to find out how the shop cuts their film. A shop that does not offer computer cutting of their films is a shop that you should be wary of. Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando, we use a computer to cut all of our window tinting films to be sure that your films fit your exact windows. Other types of cutting can lead to misfitting films, mistakes in cutting, uneven cuts, and other errors. You can’t afford to invest in ill-fitting car window tint films, make sure that your tint films are cut to order and not pre-cut in a factory in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t Get Pressured into Anything by Anyone

When you choose to get your car windows tinted it’s your choice. That means that you control the situation. You determine what type of film you get, you determine when you get it installed, and you determine who installs it. Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando we don’t believe in high pressure sales pitches. We believe that you have the right to choose what, when, and who and we’re more than happy to give you the information that you need to make that decision. Don’t let other companies pressure you into products or services that you aren’t fully comfortable with, let your purchase be your choice!

Looking For Reputable Orlando Window Tint Specialists?

If you’re looking for reputable Orlando window tint specialists to tint your car windows, Orlando Flying Window Tinting can help! Just give us a call at (407) 380-1202 and make an appointment today!