Signs Your Car Needs Fresh Window Tint

If you have a little bit of concern about your car then you have to consider tinting the windows. It has plenty of benefits including protection against UV rays, potential crimes and thieves, increased privacy and security, improved the comfortability of driving, etc. 

All those benefits come with tinting the windows. However, some signs indicate you have to replace all the tint films with new tint films. In this article, we are going to explore the signs that alarm us to install fresh window tint.

Benefits of Having Window Tint for Cars

Car window tinting is an essential step to take to improve the comfort and security of a vehicle. It increases the lifespan of the window glass and overall looks. However, the main benefits of tinting windows are it prevents dangerous UV rays and blocks most of the sun glare from passing. 

On the other hand, it darkened the windows enough so no one could see inside the car from outside. Along with those benefits, car window tinting improves driving comfortability during daytime and nighttime. Tinted windows also maintain a cool environment inside the car cabin by blocking outside temperature.

Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs Window Tinting

Here are some undeniable signs that indicate the window tint needs replacement.

Fading or changing into purple color

Most window tint film has minimum times of guarantee of fading and discolor. In that period the tint film will be as good as new. But over time continuous exposure of the sun’s UV rays changes the color and pigments of the tint. 

Especially the low-quality tint films that come with poorly constructed materials that can’t stand sun glare and rough weather. So, they diminish the color and expose purple in the shades. For instance, reinstalling the window tint with high-quality films is the only solution. It will convert the overall look to a brand-new dark gray appearance.

Bubbles and peeling

Windows tint film installation is a tricky job. It has so many complex steps that must be completed properly. Otherwise, it shows bubbles and water drops after completing the installation. On the other hand, poorly installed films will not last for a long time. It will start peeling immediately with the windows rolling up and down. 

Nowadays, most people think about DIY tinting but experts suggest avoiding it. When the new tinting shows bubbles then there is no way rather to remove the entire tint again. Most of the time this indicates poor installation or the surface was not cleaned properly. Besides the reason, bubbles and air pockets or peeling affect the entire appearance of the car and need immediate replacement.

Scratches and damage

Scratches and damage on the windows tint exposed the vulnerability of the window. The reason for the scratches is mostly using the rough or hard cleaning process. On the other hand, regular driving of the car also gets scratches from other cars or environmental disasters like heavy snowfall or heil. In addition, sharp elements like metals, jewelry, keys, or other related things also scratch the tint films.

Therefore, scratches and damages reduce the lifespan and look of the tinted windows. It also exposes the vulnerability to potential thieves and criminals. So, when you see any kind of scratch on the tint film then go for replacement.

Decreased visibility

Difficulty of seeing is one of the major causes for replacing the current windows tint. As we know, window tint films have different kinds of dark levels and shades. Those are suitable for different situations. If you face difficulties while seeing through the windows then it is better to replace them with light darken tints. 

However, you might face visibility issues for dirty surfaces or scratches and cracking of the window. Those reasons block direct contact and reduce visibility. Cleaning the surface of the tint will solve the problem temporarily. But we have to go for permanent solutions like replacing the tint films. 

Considerable States Law

Every state has different types of laws regarding driving vehicles. In other words, every state’s law suggests tinting the car windows and windshields according to the approved visible light transmission or VLT percentage. 

This score defines how much light should go through your tinted windows car. If the tint films are darker and block more than the minimum VLT score then you will face legal issues. Some state governments also define how much your car windows should reflect light. The more it reflects light the more dangerous it would be for other drivers to drive safely.

DIY Window Tint Check

You might wonder how you can check the VLT score and other metrics to ensure you have the proper tint film. Honestly, you can DIY-check the window’s tint by using a tint meter. The tint meter is usually a transmission meter that measures the VLT score. It uses a shiny light to trigger through the tint film and measure how much light goes through it. 

Then display the score on the display of the meter. On the other hand, you can compare the tint films with the reference photo. Some predefined factors indicate the essential details of the tint films. By following those methods you can easily identify the tint film quality and other properties. 

Professional Assessment

A tinted window improves the security and longevity of the windows along with minimal style. Some factors maintain the quality and state of the tint film. Besides, a professionally installed tint film performs better than DIY. Therefore, a professional shop has previous experience with tint films and they know the quality. 

They also have the right tooling and supplies to execute proper tint installation. So, if you are looking for a top-notch and error-free windows tint experience then go for a professional assessment.

Benefits of Professional Replacement

Here are some benefits of professional window tint film replacement.

  • A tinting professional has previous experience.
  • They have a better understanding of the tint material and the film quality.
  • Professional tinters know how to face consequences during installation.
  • They provide a good deal of warranty and insurance facility.
  • They work fast with accuracy.
  • A professional knows his work so there will be no waste of time and material.
  • They remove the previous tint politely without damaging the window surface and then clean it with proper solutions.


Replacing the old and damaged window tint increases the security and lifespan of the window. It also changed the appearance and made the car look new and minimal. This article explains how you can identify that your tint has taken aging and needs replacement. 

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