Computer Cut Window Tint is a must for Quality Installation

Computer Cut Window tint

Computer cut window tint has been out for about 15 years. Not all window tint shops carry computer window tint because unless you have a high-volume shop it’s not worth the expense of investing in the equipment and software. A lot of window tinters hesitant on embracing computer cut because they thought expense was too much and that they do better quality and cutting the tint. They are many reasons i write  below why going to Window Tint Shop to have your car tinted and having the computer  pre-cut your window tint  and not have them hand cut the tint

100% Accuracy

We love our employees, but when it comes to cutting tint no human being can deliver the level of precision possible with computer-driven machines. When you bring your vehicle to Flying Window Tinting our technicians use an extensive vehicle database to locate the exact size and specifications of your vehicle’s windows. The computer can then dial in those specs, and transfer them to a cutting machine, also known as a plotter, which cuts whole clean pieces of tint according to the exact size of your windows.

No Knives, No Risk

Our plotter does all the cutting, so all our technicians have to do is peel away excess tint and apply it to your vehicle. Since our tint pieces are all pre-cut, there never a time that a knife used near your vehicle. There no risk of damaging glass or rubber seals. Be wary of other tint shops that lay tint on your windows and cut it directly on your vehicle. We found over the past 10 years. The glass got a lot softer on the chance of scratching. Glass has gotten higher if you cut on the car.

The glass that cars come with now is a lot softer because they are trying to reduce the weight of the glass so it’s not as dense as in older cards. Another risk of using a knife to cut your tint on your car is that. When they cut on the edge of the glass where there are a rubber trim chances of them cutting the rubber increases quite a bit. And I saw some cars where you cut the rubber too low it could cause leaking in the car. Not to mention the cost of replacing the rubbers which many companies that are not reputable might not want to cover the cost process to give a quality job I know damage to the customer’s car.

Expert Installation

Once the machines have done their thing, it’s time for our certified window tint installers to take the pieces and skillfully apply them to your windows. With years of experience, our installers can deliver a near flawless fit, and since we cut whole tint pieces. There is no need for additional cutting and the margin for error even further diminished.  I have been tinting for over 25 years And by far the computer cut process is its biggest game-changer in the window tint business. this gives it our installers a better product to work with since all the windows are cut the exact same way. When you cut by hand you may have a different edge or corner on one window opposed to another window on the opposite side of the car.

Which Method Looks Better?

Can a veteran window tinter do just as good a job of cutting film as a computer-controlled plotter? Nine times out of 10, the answer is yes. However, what about those days when there are distractions? What if the knife gets dull? A fact of life is that accidents happen. Cutting your window film on a plotter means that we do not go near your vehicle until it is time to clean the windows and begin the installation. The plotter cuts the same path every time. The lines are perfectly straight, with no jagged or wavy edges.

Your Vehicle is Not a Cutting Board

Installing window film on your car or truck requires cutting each piece of tint to size and applying it to your window. Historically, tinters would lay a large piece of film over your window and, using a bright light, cut along the visible edge of the window with a sharp knife. Once the tint is cut, it can installed on the inside of the glass.

The problem with cutting window tint on your vehicle is that the knife can mark or scratch your glass. These cut and scratch marks can cause stress points in your glass that could lead to failure in sudden temperature swings or if a hard object hits the glass. Removing the scratches and cut marks nearly impossible.

Hand-cutting window tint also runs the risk of damaging the rubber seals around your windows and plastic trim. Your paint can be scratched because someone is leaning over your car or truck for extended periods of time. We are not saying that tinters that cut by hand cannot do a good job– they simply expose themselves and your vehicle to more risk.

Computer plotters cut film pieces with exact precision

The information they use accessed through a large database containing film patterns that match the glass and body dimensions of your car model. The patterns developed utilizing the best practices for the automotive tint industry. All the templates that come in the software carefully designed by the car manufacturer to give the exact size and measurement to each window.  Nowadays with everything made from computers. There is no variation in sizes. So you will always get the perfect fit with a cut from the computer.

A computer cutting plotter is consistent

It cuts a pattern the same way every time. This eliminates the problem of human error, which is extremely common in the process of making patterns by hand. They reduce film waste due to miscuts. They also save time from getting your vehicle tinted and delivered back to you more quickly. If you concerned about the environment, it’s important to note that reducing wasted film material and energy also reduces the carbon footprint of the company using the system, your car is safe from cutting mishaps.

No cutting occurs on any part of the vehicle. Cutting automotive glass patterns by hand without etching or scratching the glass requires an extremely delicate touch and years of experience. Damage to glass, paint and rubber gaskets by sharp blades are common when using the older technique. With a plotter on the team, your immaculate and beloved car won’t going under the knife.


Car Window Tint Film: Why Llumar Brand is Best

car window tint film

Are you considering having car window tint installed on your car windows? Not sure which tint is best for your needs? Here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, we are the top window tinting shop in Orlando and we have a lot of experience in car window tinting films.

Car Window Tint Film: Why Llumar Brand is Best

There are many different car window tint film options available but if you are looking for the best tint option for your car, it’s important to do a little research.

Fortunately for you, here at Flying Window Tinting in Orlando, we have done the research for you because we wanted to be sure that we offer our clients only the best in window tinting films. What did we find? We found Llumar brand window tinting films and we haven’t looked at any other film brand since.

Why is Llumar Car Window Tint Film the Best?

You don’t have to take our word for it that Llumar car window tint is the best window tinting film out there, though, here’s the proof…

The Warranty

The first thing that makes Llumar such a great window tint film option is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. What does that warranty cover? Well, Llumar film installers guarantee that your Llumar film will look great for the life of your vehicle. This guarantee is offered nationwide and includes factory-backed protection against bubbling, cracking, and color change. You won’t find another car window tint film company that offers such a comprehensive warranty on their product.

The Selection

Llumar window tinting films are available in a wide selection of options so you don’t have to make do with a film that is just “ok”. Llumar wants to be sure that you get a film that incorporates everything that you want from your window tint so they have a number of films that meet different needs and meet different budget limits.

Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando, we carry the Llumar ATC, ATR, CTX, and Air Blue window tint films. That means that whether you are looking for a clear windshield tint that filters out UV rays, or you are in need of a privacy shield tinted window film, we’ve got a film that will meet your needs.


Llumar puts a lot of time and effort into the safety of their products because they want to ensure that you always receive the safest window tinting film on the market. How does Llumar build safety into their films?

  • Llumar films have UVA protection built into them to protect against the effects of UVA rays including premature aging and skin cancer! While UVA rays play into the development of skin cancer, they play the greatest role in premature aging of the skin.
  • Llumar also builds UVB protection into their car window films. UVB rays play the biggest role in skin cancer development so it’s crucial to protect your skin from over-exposure to these rays too.
  • Llumar focuses on clarity in their films. Rather than other car window film companies that focus on producing films that are more appealing because they are just about as dark as they can get, Llumar has focused on producing various tints that outdo the competition in terms of clarity. What does this have to do with safety? Quite a lot! Those other tints that are far too dark are not only illegal in many states, but they are also not as clear as they should be meaning that your field of vision is clouded and your driving is simply not as safe as it should be. Llumar makes sure that their films are crystal clear so that you never have to worry about missing a thing when driving.


Llumar also works hard to ensure that their films are as compatible as possible. They do this by not only having their licensed installation technicians cut films to custom fit vehicles each time so that there are no gaps in coverage, but they also offer films that are structured to allow the maximum compatibility with GPS, cell phone, and smart device technology.

Ready to Get That Car Window Tint Film Installed?

If you’re ready to get that car window tint film installed and you live in or around Orlando, Florida, give us a call at (407) 380-1202 and make an appointment for one of our professional technicians to install your custom car window tinting!