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All types of drivers, from the moist and muggy weather of Florida to the rainy Northwest, love the comfort and style provided by a set of vent visors, and for good reasons. Don’t you just hate it when you’re driving and it’s raining hard outside, making the interior hot and moist? You can’t just simply open the windows for fresh air because you and the interior will get wet. A set of vent visors take care of this conundrum.
A vent visor or commonly known as a rain visor, window deflector, or rain guard protects you and the interior of your car from inclement weather. It does this by deflecting rain, snow, or hail away from the windows of your car. Plus, they add style to your car’s exterior look, whether you drive a sedan or a full-sized truck.
We Flying window  Tinting have outlined some relevant information about vent visors to help you accustom yourself with the right information so that you can come up with a decision backed with reliable information.

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Types of Vent Visors

When it comes to vent visors, there is one burning question always asked aside from the usual ones: How do In-Channel Vent Visors and Tape-On Vent Visors differ from each other, and which style is better? These two are different types of vent visors and differ only in installation processes and other small practical benefits. Keep reading to get insights.
Tape-On Vent Visors: This type of vent visor is considered classic and is around for a long time now. It’s designed to adhere over the frame of your car’s windows via strips of pre-applied, automotive-grade tape. This tape are strong adhesives which usually last for many years. They are also custom designed for each model type car to fit snugly in place, without any need for cutting and drilling.
In-Channel Vent Visors: This type of vent visor on the other hand, does not require any adhesive. Instead, it mounts up into your car’s window channels just like a tongue and groove connection without, any need for cutting and drilling.

Benefits of Installing Vent Visors

Ease of installation: The only prep work you need to do is clean the window frame thoroughly. While the actual work done only requires peeling off the tape backing and sticking the vent visors properly to the window frame.
Water intrusion protection: Because vent visors are situated outside the windows, it deflects incoming water, mostly from rain, so they provide additional shelter around the entire window channel. This allows you so open your windows even while it’s raining for a much needed cool air.
Stylish looks: Vent visors obviously make the window look more sleek and stylish because they add more design to the overall look of the car.
Improves gas mileage: Vent visors help you save on fuel costs because you don’t have to open the air-conditioning unit to keep yourself comfortable each time it rains, especially during summer. We all know that summer rains make the interior of the car moist and humid. Also, vent visors improves the aerodynamics of the car by minimizing wind resistance or drag that hinders the forward movement of your car, resulting to less fuel consumption.
What to Look for when Buying a Vent Visor Kit?
It goes without saying that every planned purchase needs careful planning and research, and vent visors are no exception. If you’re planning to buy a vent visor kit, this is what you should look for:
Durability: You should look for vent visors made from aerospace-grade acrylic because they are considered scratch-resistant and virtually indestructible. Anything less than that will cause you and your car more harm than good, and not get your money’s worth.
Warranty: A high-quality vent visor comes with a lifetime warranty. Anything less than that are considered mediocre quality.
A sleek, low-profile design: A low-profile design is a design that considers the aerodynamics of the car. Vent visors with low-profile design protrudes slightly from the window channel and has a section that helps improves air flow, reducing drag.
Custom fit: Vent visor kits come with many shapes and sizes which are customizable for every car model type. Choosing yours that is designed for your specific car will work and look much better than a universal one.
How to Install a Vent Visor?
Vent visors can be installed by skilled installers or DIY. But whichever the case,.

This Step-by-Step Installation Process

Step 1: Inspect your kit.
Before going in and installing the pieces, make sure that you have all the pieces you need. If you have a four-door car, ensure that the kit have two lefts and two rights. Or if you have a two-door car, ensure that you have a left and right. All pieces must be labeled which side and window they go on.
Step 2: Read the installation instruction, thoroughly.
Reading the instructions not only gives you the insight on what to do but also gives you the heads up for what to prepare.
Step 3: Test fit each vent visor.
For tape-on: Check to make sure each visor lines up with the window channel it mounts on. This will also give you an idea how the vent visors will look on your car, or whether they will fit snugly right in. Doing so prevents the problem of prematurely removing the tape backing without the right fit.
For in-channel: For in-channels, you should roll the windows down to have more working space. Slide the visor up to the top starting in the middle of the window to see how it fits. Also, take note when slipping the blade of the front window visor to the rear-view window mount. This part is tricky because the blade may not fit in right away, allowing you to force the blade to slip it in and risking damage to the rear-view window mount. Once you’ve test-fitted each vent visor, you can now install them.
Step 4: Clean and prep the mounting surface.
For tape-on: Clean the window channel where the vent visor will adhere into by using alcohol pads that are included with your vent visor kit. Remember, the cleaner the face the vent visor will adhere into, the stronger the adhesion between the two would be. Also, clean all the windows all at once to allow them to dry at the same time.
For in-channel: Use the alcohol pads included in your vent visor kit to clean the insides of your window channels.
Step 5: Prep the vent visor.
For tape-on: Peel-off the tape backing of the vent visor and fold it so both ends of the tape backing will stick out, giving you a protruding tape backing that you will remove all the way on the next step.
For in-channel: Peel the backing of the tape on the back of the vent visor.
Step 6: Install the vent visor.
For tape-on: Lift the vent visor into position and line it up. Once you have it initially in place, stick both ends of the vent visor and check its alignment from afar and many angles. If it’s correctly in place just how you want it, remove all the tape backing all throughout and press it down to make sure the tape is attached along its entire length.
For in-channel: Slip the ends of the vent visor into the window channel and carefully put it in place up to the top of the window. Pull the visor towards the top corner of the window to ensure a snug fit. Once it’s in position, just like the way you want it, press the tape into the side of the channel and ensure it’s sticking along the length of the window channel. Then slowly raise the windows and check whether it’s hitting the visor.

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Florida Window Tinting: How Window Tint Keeps Your Car Cooler

Car window tinting

Florida window tinting for your vehicle has quite a few benefits, but have you ever heard people talk about how car window tint can keep the interior temperature of your car down? Wondering how that works? Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today!

How Car Window Tinting Keeps Your Car Temperature Down

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the science behind Florida window tinting. More specifically, how tinting the windows of your car can keep the interior temperature of your car down!

Solar Energy

The total solar energy from the sun that we are exposed to here on Earth is comprised of three types of radiant energy: visible light, ultraviolet light, and infrared light.

The light spectrum of the radiation that we receive from the sun here on Earth ranges. We are most familiar with ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation, but we often confuse the two.

Ultraviolet radiation is the radiation which is harmful to us as humans and causes damage to our skin. Ultraviolet radiation is at one end of the light spectrum. 3% of the total solar energy from the sun is ultraviolet energy.

Infrared radiation is the radiation that produces heat. Infrared radiation is at the opposite end of the light spectrum to ultraviolet radiation. 53% of the total solar energy from the sun is infrared energy.

The effects of ultraviolet and infrared radiation are hard to disconnect from each other because we often feel that the sunburn we experience from ultraviolet light is associated with the heat we feel from infrared radiation. In truth, ultraviolet light cannot be felt.

So, how does Florida car window tinting come into play? 

When a Florida window tinting company like Flying Window Tinting uses high-quality car window tinting films like Llumar, those films are designed to reject heat by rejecting infrared radiation and to protect your skin against sun damage by rejecting ultraviolet rays.

The ability of car window tinting film to reject heat by rejecting infrared radiation is referred to as “IR Rejection”. This heat rejection is measured as a percentage. So, for example, if a  car window tinting film rejects 33% of infrared rays it means that that film is rejecting 33% of the 53% of the total solar energy that comes from infrared rays. So, this film would reduce the overall level of infrared solar rays and reduce the amount of total solar energy.

Florida car window tinting shops don’t just use window films that reduce infrared radiation, though, they use top quality car window tinting films that further reduce total solar energy by rejecting visible light and absorbing a percentage of total solar energy.

In addition to stopping a percentage of infrared rays from passing through the windows of your car, top quality window tint films like Llumar also reject a percentage of ultraviolet rays. The rejection of UV rays then reduces the amount of fading and damage caused to the interior of your car as a result of UV ray exposure.

So, in short, when you choose a reputable Florida car  window tinting company to install your car window tint films, you are reducing the effects of total solar energy on the interior of your car. This is done by rejecting visible light, rejecting UV rays, rejecting infrared rays, and absorbing total solar energy.

Now, choosing a less reputable Florida car window tinting shop almost always means choosing lower quality car window tinting films. Lower quality films don’t just mean that your car’s window tinting film won’t fit well and won’t look great, it also means that those films don’t reduce the amount of total solar energy in the same way that Llumar films do. So, those cheaper films on your car windows may save you a few bucks in the short term, but in the long-run, they can result in damage a lot worse than the few dollars that you’ll save. Your skin will be exposed to higher levels of UV rays, resulting in damage to your skin (possibly even skin cancer), your car interior will be damaged and cracked by UV rays, your car’s air conditioning system will be taxed to the max with increased exposure to infrared rays that increase the interior temperature of your car, and without a reduction in glare provided by Llumar films, you may very easily experience an accident while on the road!

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9 Reasons Florida Window Tinting is a Must

Florida Window Tinting

Florida window tinting isn’t a new concept in the Sunshine State, but why do so many cars have that mysterious dark tint on their windows? There are actually a number of really great reasons why so many car owners tint their auto windows and today we want to talk about nine of them.

9 Reasons Florida Window Tinting is a Must For Your Car

1. Skin Protection

Many people don’t consider the risks of sun exposure when they’re driving around town in their car. The truth is, though, that even when you’re cruising town with your windows up, the sun’s harmful UV rays can still damage your skin. Using professional Florida window tinting like the LlLlumar Air Blue films we offer here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, protects against these harmful ultraviolet rays. How much of those UV rays are filtered out with this type of film? An impressive 99.9%! We even carry clear UV protection film so that you can protect your family from dangerous UV rays without the privacy tint that many families find a little too out of character for them!

2. Protection For the Interior of Your Car

Just as UV rays can damage delicate skin, they can also damage the interior of your car. Whether we’re talking about cracks in your leather or fading on your dashboard, those UV rays are destructive. By investing in window tinting films like those we mentioned above, you can extend the life of the interior components of your car and that means that your vehicle will hold its value much longer too!

3. Less Wear and Tear on Your Car’s AC!

We all know that the weather here in Florida can be unbearable in the Summertime, but do you know just how much wear and tear it has on your car’s AC system to run it at the max constantly? Did you know that using a metallized window tint helps to block heat? That means that when you are running all of those errands during hot summer days, hopping in and out of your car, your car remains cooler for much longer and you don’t have to crank your AC quite as hard.

4. Florida Window Tinting Can Eliminate Signal Interference

Here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, our premium line of tints feature nano-technology that is designed to eliminate signal interference. That means that whether you are using your GPS, your smartphone (hands-free, of course!), satellite radio, keyless entry, or any other device, you are going to get a clearer signal and better reception than you did without tinted windows!

5. Glare Reduction

Glare isn’t just painful on the eyes, but it’s dangerous for drivers. You know the feeling, driving up the road only to be met with the glare of the evening sun as it starts to set. You squint, you flail for the visor, you grab for your sunglasses, you do everything you can to remain in control while you’re driving. Adding tint to your car windows, however, can filter out a significant amount of that glare allowing you to keep control of your car at all times while you are on the road.

6. Reduction of Light Sensitivity

There are plenty of reasons why people suffer photophobia or light sensitivity, and if you are one of these people then you know just how painful it can be to be met head-on by the midday sun. If you have a medical condition that results in your eyes being exceptionally sensitive to light exposure then window tinting shouldn’t be an option for you, it should be a necessity. By filtering out light through window tints, you will find yourself squinting less, your eyes will water less, and you’ll have much fewer migraines when you get back into the comfort of your shaded home!

7. Window Tint Offers Privacy

Most people don’t think about their privacy when they’re driving down the road in their car, but for some people maintaining their privacy is a necessary part of their life. Whether you’re an actor trying to take a little family time away from the fans, a high profile attorney heading to dinner after a big day in court, a well-known athlete just trying to get home after the game…tinted windows offer the privacy that you need. By eliminating the ability for others to peer into your car as you drive by, you avoid those aggressive fans, paparazzi, and news anchors (or at least prevent them from getting a candid photo!) as you go about your everyday life.

8. Scratch Resistance

The Florida window tinting options that we offer here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting are designed to add an extra scratch-proof layer to your windows. This means that not only do you get privacy and protection against the heat and glare, but you also have an added layer over your window glass to eliminate the chance of smaller scratches destroying the integrity of your car windows.

9. Security

If you have a habit of leaving your gadgets in view inside your car or if you just installed a new top of the line stereo in your car and you want to ensure that it stays there, window tinting is a great security feature. With darker window tints, it’s next to impossible for anyone to scout out your car as a target because criminals can’t see what you have inside or, indeed, how protected your car is against theft. Even with the lighter window tints, it’s much more difficult for criminals to see what you have inside your car. With these lighter tints, thieves have to get up close and personal with your car to scout out their target and by the time they get that close to your tinted windows, they have already drawn more attention to themselves than they want.

Looking For Quality Florida Window Tinting Services?

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