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If you are looking for a platinum or chrome automotive tint in Orlando, You should know  Llumar is the only manufacturer that makes Chrome tint design for automobiles.

Most manufacturers only make Chrome tint for homes and businesses. But it is too reflective to put on an automobile and stay legal on the road. The Florida law has a maximum reflection that window tint you can have. Platinum Plus Chrome tint is a unique look for your car also it has one of the highest heat rejections over black tint.

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Llumar  is the only tint  company that makes Chrome tint for cars


Llumar is the only brand of window tint that makes a chrome finish tint for automobiles. It also backs it up with good warranty and durability and it’s a product that you can trust. Llumar has it been in business since the 1980s and is one of the innovators in making new products for the consumer.

LLumar has always had custom tint while many other manufacturers just stick to the basics. It specializes in automotive tint has some of the best selections for your car.  Lamar has manufactured black tint bronze mirrored tint red tint yellow tint. So whatever type of finish it like when your car checks your Newmar dealer you have quite a selection from them. We are authorized Llumar dealer in orlando, FL

 What’s the benefit of platinum plus  Chrome tint for cars

Using Platinum Plus Chrome tint will your car has many benefits. it has one of the highest heat rejections over black or charcoal tint. Another great benefit is that it’s a lot clearer to see out while driving. This is very beneficial for people driving at night that sometimes have a problem seeing out the rear insides while driving. 

The Finish Platinum Plus Chrome tint from llumar gives a nice shiny chrome finish that matches up well with a lot of chrome trim in your car. This tint is great for people to want a custom look and something that’s different than the average black window tinting.

 Platinum Plus Chrome tint is legal for Florida

Platinum Plus Chrome tint is legal for the roads in Florida. the Florida Highway Patrol has a certain level of reflection that a window tint can have. A Platinum Plus Chrome tint does fall within the criteria of the Florida Highway Patrol law. so you can feel safe driving it not get any tickets while driving. I’m not sure what other state’s laws on reflective tint on your car are so please check your local state law office.

 Clearest  film see out from the inside

 A  major benefit of Platinum Plus Chrome tint is that seeing out while driving a lot clearer and the black window tint. You also see a major difference while driving at night when you’re looking outside your rear window. the black tent sometimes at night is a bit hard to see through and so that is concerning to some people. because there is no color in the Platinum Plus Chrome tint that makes it easier to see it through at night. it’s also great we’re seeing through while raining.

They’re 35% Platinum Plus tint is virtually no vision lost signal the car. It’s like heaven clear tent but keeping out nearly 40% of the heat from coming in. many older drivers do not want to lose the Clear Vision of backing up and driving so the 35% is a good choice. even though it’s a light film it will still keep heat out your car architecture interior from fading 

mirrored window tint
mirrored window tint

Great film for sunroofs

Platinum Plus Chrome window tint is a great film for putting on your sunroof. one of the advantages of using Chrome tint over black tint to put on your roof is that Chrome tint will reflect a lot more heat coming in your car over-the-back tint. also because Platinum Plus Chrome tint is a lot easier to see through it gives I’m more natural. While looking through the sunroof. With a black tint, it will give Alex like it’s cloudy outside. many people like sunroofs to give your car and open feeling while driving but don’t like the heat it allows in while driving. So where the Platinum Plus Chrome tint you will get the high heat rejection but also the Clear View looking out.

 Great custom look 

Platinum Plus has a custom finish giving it a nice Chrome look to your windows. it looks especially good on light color cars white gray silver finishes. well. 95% of the tinted cars on the road I’ll come in black or charcoal. Many people prefer the exclusive look at the chrome finish. Also, a lot of luxury cars have a lot of chrome packages on it on the chrome finish complimented real nice. so if you’re looking for something unique for your car take a look at Platinum Plus Chrome tint it’s one of the nicest looking tints on the market. 

 lifetime warranty

Platinum Plus Chrome tint comes with a lifetime warranty. that warranty is a part and labor guarantee that their window tint will not peel fade or bumble. Because there’s no dye in the film the tint it will never fade or discolor. I’ve seen people have it on the curb for 20 years and look like brand-new after.

A lot of the charcoal film will change the color of this color because there’s a colored dye to give it that black charcoal look. Platinum Plus Chrome tint has a metal eye finished but has no color dye in it so you never have to fear of it changing color or feeding.


 It holds up well to constant Heat and wears and tear over the years. With a custom look, you will always be a favorite and with a lifetime backing it people have confidence it will last the life of the car. In conclusion, the Platinum Plus Chrome film is one of the top films on the market. not too many llumar dealers carry this film because of their cost but here at flying window tinting we do care. In stock. we have a display in our showroom showing to finish if you’d like to drop by and see it.

This was written by Steven Hopkinson owner /operator of Flying Window Tinting.  

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