Types of Car Window Tint: Which is Right for You?

types of car window tint

There are a good many types of car window tint to choose from, but how do you know what type of window tint is the right choice for you? Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando, we believe that you deserve to have all of the information about our products before you commit.

Llumar Tints at Flying Window Tinting Orlando

The different types of car window tint that are available to you are going to vary depending on the car window tint shop that you visit or whether you purchase window tinting films on your own.

Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando, we carry Llumar car window tint films, professional quality films that are only stocked by Llumar approved partners. We carry this line of window tinting films because they are top quality and they come with a lifetime warranty.

Types of Car Window Tint We Carry at Flying Window Tinting Orlando

Llumar ATC Series

The Llumar ATC series window tint is a premium dyed film with a charcoal color to it that offers privacy and protection. The color in this film won’t fade over time and the film itself is designed to block 99% of harmful UVA rays. Even though it’s tinted, this film has crystal clarity and is radio and cellular signal friendly and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

We recommend looking into the Lumar ATC series of window tint if you are looking for a darker tinted window film that won’t interfere with your radio or cell phone and you’re concerned about UVA protection.

Llumar ATR Series

The Llumar ATR series is an HP metalized dyed film with a charcoal tint to it and top of the line heat rejection properties. The color of this hybrid film is guaranteed not to fade in the sun and it blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays. With UVA and UVB protection, this film has a scratch resistant coating and comes with a lifetime warranty!

We recommend the Llumar ATR series if you are looking for a car window tint film that offers UVA and UVB protection, has a scratch resistant coating, that excels in heat rejection, and won’t ever discover.

Llumar CTX Series

The Llumar CTX series is a nano-ceramic film that has crystal clarity and it comes in a charcoal color that is dark enough to be beneficial but not so dark that it will draw unwanted attention or cause problems. This film has maximum UVA and UVB ray rejection properties and it blocks out 63% of IR rays. Like the other films in our shop, this is a film that is guaranteed not to fade and it carries a full lifetime warranty. The nano-ceramic technology of this film allows for radio signals to pass through it so you are also guaranteed better cell phone reception.

We recommend the Llumar CTX car window tint series if you are looking for a tinted window film that isn’t too dark, but that still provides 99% protection against UVA and UVB rays and allows for uninterrupted radio signals to pass through it.

Air Blue

The Llumar Air Blue is always our recommended film for clients who are looking for a film for their windshield. With the best degree of heat rejection when compared to our other window tinting films, the Air Blue film blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV rays and it comes with the Llumar guarantee!

We recommend the Air Blue Llumar car window tint film if you want a clear film for your windshield that also blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV rays and protect your car interior against heat buildup.

Have Questions about the Types of Car Window Tint?

If you have more questions about the types of car window tint choices that we have available, drop in and pay us a visit at our Orlando car window tinting shop or just give us a call at (407) 380-1202!

10 Benefits of the Window Tinting for Orlando Residents

tint Orlando

When it comes to window tint Orlando residents recommend for their vehicles, Flying Window Tinting carries the one professional window tint brand that offers it all – Llumar. If you’ve never tinted your car windows before, however, you might be wondering what benefits come from adding the window tint Orlando recommends to your car windows and how Llumar film exceeds the quality of other brands used by other shops…

10 Benefits of the Window Tinting

1. UVA Protection

The Llumar ATC series of window tint Orlando residents choose most often provides 99% UVA protection. This is important because UVA exposure has been linked to signs of premature aging, skin cancer, and damage to the eye.

2. Reduced Interior Fading

A top quality window tint film, Llumar window tint film is designed to reduce interior fading of your car (console, dashboard, seats, etc.) that results from sun exposure. This helps your car to retain better value over time.

3. Electronics Friendly

If you had your car windows tinted decades ago, you may recall the trouble that window  tinting films caused for car phone reception and even radio signals. Times have changed since then and Llumar films were designed with our increased technological dependence in mind. Llumar ATC films do not block radio signals and allow for the unsullied use of your electronics!

4. Reduced Glare

One of the biggest draws of Orlando is the incredible weather, but when it comes to driving the glare of that bright summer sun can be irritating at best. Fortunately, the full Llumar range of car window tints block out that annoying glare and allow for safer and more comfortable driving!

5. A Lifetime Nationwide Guarantee

When you invest in Llumar window tint Orlando residents recommend, you aren’t just purchasing a one-time installation relationship. When you invest in Llumar window tint films, your films are protected by a lifetime, nationwide guarantee. This means that your window tint films installed by Flying Window Tint are covered for LIFE!

6. Lower Car Interior Temperature

When you rely on Orlando window tint shop to install your Llumar films window tinting , you aren’t just investing in the personal benefits of tinting your car windows, you are also investing in the life of your car’s air conditioning system! With superior heat rejection, Llumar films keep the interior temperature of your car down even when your car is parked and that means great news for your car’s AC system!

7. No Fading

If you ever invested in poor quality window tinting films, then you have, no doubt, seen the purple coloration that they take on over time. This discoloration is the result of sun exposure and poor quality window tinting films being unable to effectively reflect the sun’s rays. Llumar window tints, however, use modern technological principles to ensure that your car window tints never recreate that 1980’s look!

8. Scratch Resistant Coating

Many car window tint films claim to feature a scratch resistant coating that makes sure that your car’s window tinting film doesn’t become easily damaged. Unfortunately, many of these claims are simply untrue and many car owners experience unsightly cracking and scratching of their car window films. Llumar, however, is a top quality brand of window tint Orlando has trusted for decades and their window tinting films are guaranteed not to scratch!

9. Shatter Resistance

Many car window tinting films claim to offer shatter resistance in vehicle windows after their film has been applied. Unfortunately, a vast number of these film production companies are offering exaggerated claims. Llumar car window tint, however, has proven time and again that their films really are shatter resistant!

10. Infrared Ray Reduction

Infrared rays come from the sun and are felt by our own skin as heat. Infrared rays cannot be seen with the naked eye, however, which means that drivers are at their mercy. Fortunately, with Llumar window tint films, infrared ray intrusion in your vehicle can be reduced considerably and this makes for a more comfortable driving experience!

Ready to Install that Car Window Tint Orlando Recommends?

If you’re convinced that high-quality Llumar window tints are right for you, then drop in and pay us a visit here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando! We carry a full range of Llumar window tints and our service always meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers! To make your appointment today just give us a call at 833-732-3278!