Tesla Tint Trends in Orlando: Quick Tips for a Cool Drive

Tesla has become the second most important EV supplier in the world. They have plenty of EV models that fulfill the needs of electric cars all over the world. The design and usability of the Tesla cars are unconditional. 

However, tinting the windows and windshields of Tesla EVs increases security and safety with great benefits. Here we have explained the latest Tesla tinted trends in Orlando with professional clarifications. 

Overview of the Popularity of Tesla Cars 

EV or the Electric Vehicle is an outstanding gift of technology. This tech is widely known for its environmental benefits and limited air and noise pollution. The automotive industry took the chance and invented electric cars to contribute to the establishment of EVs. 

However, Tesla is one of the most successful EV manufacturers from all over the country. In 2023 they sold approximately 1,438,992 EVs all over the world. According to the reports, they are in second position on the popularity ranking list and hold over 20% of market shares. 

On the other hand, the rising price of gas is making people consider EVs as an alternative. For instance, the price of Tesla cars is sustainable and the price stays within reach. The design and other properties also get attention significantly. 

Importance of Window Tinting for Tesla Owners in Orlando

Orlando is a place of hot sun and sun glare. The sunlight might be great for the solar panels to increase electricity but it reduces the look and appearance of the cabin and the outer part. Here are some reasons why you should tint the windows in your Tesla EVs.

Heat Reduction

As we know Orlando is a place of extremely hot weather. Most of the time this place has an average of 30 degree Celsius temperature. While driving, this kind of temperature can create uncomfortable conditions. However, by tinting your Tesla car you can reduce the heat from going through the windows and windshield inside the cabin.

Comfortable Driving

Tinting windows and windshields prevents so many things including, sun glare, sunlight reflections, and other vehicle light reflections, reducing eye strain, etc. As we know, Tesla cars have so many open areas to increase the view that is covered with glasses. Tinting those glasses ensures comfortable driving in any weather.

UV Protection

Every professional shop and tinting experts suggest using ceramic tint films for Tesla cars in Orlando. Because it can block 99.9% of UV rays and ensures at least 70% of cool sight during driving. Therefore, Orlando is known for its sunny weather which produces plenty of UV and RV rays that cause health issues. Tinting the windows can save the passengers of the car from these dangerous rays.

Privacy And Security

The main and outmost benefits of window tinting are increasing security and privacy. Especially Tesla cars that have so many open areas need a dark tint film that can hide inside the car. When a passerby or potential criminal can’t see inside the car, they don’t take any chances to exploit.

Considerations for Tesla Window Tinting

Here are some facts that you have to maintain while tinting a Tesla car in Orlando.

Legal regulations in Orlando

The state government of Florida suggests following some strict rules about tinting the windows. According to the state law, the front windows must allow 28% of light and the rear windows must allow 15% of light to go through. On the other hand, there is an AS-1 line on the windshield that is given by the manufacturer that indicates you can not tint below that line.

Optimal tint levels for Tesla vehicles

Every Tesla vehicle model has factory-tinted windows and windshields. So, you can tint windows and windshields according to your needs. Most of the Tesla owners like to tint the windows and windshield with 35% and 50% of the VLT properties. This tint level is standard for Tesla Model 3 according to the manufacturers.

High-quality materials and professional installation

Tesla cars need to be tinted by professionals. Manufacturers always recommend using high-quality ceramic tint films. This film is capable of reducing the excessive heat and UV rays and protects the glass from scratch and damage.

Popular Tinting Trends for Teslas

Windows tinting of Tesla cars has become popular with the latest trends. Here are some popular trends that improve the appearance of Tesla EVs.

Sleek and stylish options

The nano-ceramic windows tint on Tesla Model 3 and Y ensures a super cool appearance. This type of tint film is capable of reducing sun glare by up to 93% and improves visibility at night time. Expert tinting professionals suggest using 3M nano-ceramic tint to improve the style of those vehicles with safety.

Innovative technology features

The tinting film industry has become more innovative over time. Now you can tint your favorite Tesla Model S, X, or Y with a heat-sensitive film that adjusts the darkness according to the sunlight.

Customization choices for a personalized touch

The latest Tesla EVs have lots of potential customization benefits. Tinting with the XPEL prime XR plus ceramic and hybrid films is one of them. Those windows tinting change the exterior look of the car entirely. You can also change the appearance with custom painting and polishing.

Cost and Budget Analysis

The cost and budget for tinting Tesla EVs depends on the film type and quality. On the other hand, the tinting areas are also included in the budget analysis. However, most of the experts suggest using high-quality ceramic tint films that have the latest technological advancements. 

For instance, the average price of tinting a model 3, S, X, and Y is about 200 to 800 USD. The price varies on the provider and their service quality. So, while hiring a tinting shop, research about them and negotiate the price.

Maintenance Tips for Tesla Window Tints

Maintaining the Tesla car after tinting the windows is an important gig. It not only increases the security of the car but also extends the longevity of the windows and windshield. Here are some tips about after-tinted maintenance.

  • Use ammonia-free cleaning solutions.
  • Don’t roll down at least 2 or 3 days after tinting the windows.
  • Use microfiber cloths or a sponge to clean the interior or exterior of the tinted windows.
  • Don’t push or apply hard strokes during cleaning.
  • Be careful while cleaning the edges to avoid peeling.
  • After tinting the windows give it time to dry otherwise the whole installation might fall apart.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Tinting a Tesla car is a hard job that needs professional help. A DIY method can help in some cases but the result will not satisfy you. As we know Tesla cars have so many open areas with glass protection. Without professional help, it would be hard to complete tinting all those areas.

For instance, a professional individual or shop knows what types of tint films are best for your Tesla cars. They also know the measurement of the windows that reduce potential extra work of cutting. On the other hand, a professional installer knows everything about the consequences of window tinting. They also fix the possible eros that will create bubbles after tinting. However, professional installation is better in every way than DIY.


EVs are becoming popular for their eco-friendly energy source. Every year this industry becomes bigger with so many benefits. In this article, we have introduced the benefits of tinting the windows and windshields of a Tesla car to evaluate the design and appearance. Those tint films also increase safety and security with health benefits.

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