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What is Car Window Simulator?

The Car Window Simulator is an innovative tool designed to provide a preview of how your vehicle’s window tints will appear once applied. It allows you to visualize and get a genuine feel for the tint’s effects on your car’s windows. By using the simulator, you can explore various tint options and shades, helping you make an informed decision before committing to the actual installation. This interactive tool is a valuable resource that enables you to experiment with different tint levels, assess their impact on visibility, and ensure your chosen tint complements your vehicle’s aesthetics and your preferences accurately.

Benefits of Using a Tint Simulator

An Auto Window Tint Simulator is a virtual tool that accurately depicts how window tints will look on your vehicle. It aids confident decision-making and saves time.

Accurate Preview: The simulator provides a realistic representation of how different window tints will appear on your vehicle’s windows, giving you an accurate preview of the final look.

Confident Decision-Making: By experimenting with various tint shades, you can make informed decisions about the tint that best suits your preferences and vehicle aesthetics.

Eliminates Guesswork: The simulator eliminates the need for guesswork, allowing you to see the exact effects of tints on your windows before committing to any particular option. 

Ease of Comparison: Easily compare multiple tint options side by side, enabling you to evaluate their visual impact and choose the most suitable one.

Reduced Disappointment: By previewing tints virtually, you can avoid disappointment that may arise from a mismatch between your envisioned tint and the actual result.

How dark can my window tint be ?

Every car owner fancies their cars to be aesthetically as pleasing as possible. There are numerous options available to achieve this, but window tinting is the most desirable, mainly because it is budget-friendly and only demands a frugal sum of money. Sounds good, right? For this reason, window tinting in Orlando FL is one of the best options for car owners to consider. Its benefits are:

All car’s windows are already tinted prior to you buying it, factory policy dictates that windows are tinted for safety reasons but it is quite negligible, so you won’t even notice it. If you opt to tint your windows, you can either have it installed by a professional or you can do it yourself. Whichever the case, your car’s final look will be changed drastically from its original dull and boring façade to the cool and eye-catching piece of machinery.

How Much Tint Can I Apply Legally?

Before considering tinting your car, there are prescribed levels of window tinting implemented by law varying from each state. Mainly due to security reasons, as most transgressions include a tinted car to avoid being seen.

Tint levels are represented as a percentage of visible light passing through the window, but the technical term associated with this is called visible light transmission levels (VLT). One thing to note is that “the lower the VLT rating, the darker the shade of the window can be”.

Each state has their own set of laws in regulating the amount of tint in a car. The general rule of thumb dictates that the driver and passenger front windows be tinted lighter while the rear passenger side and rear windows can be tinted darker. There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, the driver must receive enough visible light to drive safely at night. Also, avoid opaque vision on the side mirrors, making it hard for drivers to manoeuvre properly.

Lastly, law enforcement authorities are actively looking for cars with dark tints. They will pull you over if they believe that the windows are tinted too dark and measure the tint levels on the spot using a specified tool. If the tint level exceeds the allowable level as prescribed by law, they will either have it removed or you will pay a hefty fine. Nevertheless, it is better to be familiar with the allowable tint levels just to be safe. Llumar window tint has different levels to stay within the law.

Maximum Tint Levels Allowed by Each State

Before outlining the exact allowable tint levels prescribed by each state, you need to familiarize yourself with the jargon used to avoid confusion. Here are some important notes to consider:

All percentages indicated represents the tint’s VLT rating or how dark the tint is

Limo tint bands refer to the dark tint strip just below the windshield’s roof line and just above the visor, typically four (4) to six (6) inches.

Reflectivity refers to a strip of metal or reflective film that corresponds to all windows.

Front side windows are the windows beside the driver and front passenger

Back side windows are the windows beside the rear passengers

AS-1 is the clearest glass (usually at 70% VLT rating) used on windshields




























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