Window Tinting Films

ATR High Performance


The LLumar ATR window tilt employs a combination of metal and dyed technology to enhance its performance. This innovative design includes a specialized metallic layer that effectively reflects solar heat and reduces glare. Moreover, the film is equipped with a scratch-resistant top coat, ensuring its longevity and color stability.

CTX Ceramic


LLumar CTX ceramic tint is packed with the most luxurious, premium features. Using advanced nano-ceramic technology, it effectively blocks heat, maintaining a comfortable space even in lighter shades. Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, reduces annoying glare, and guards against glass injuries. Plus, it won’t interfere with phone, GPS, and other device connections.

IRX Creamic


LLumar® IRX™ heat-rejecting window tint is a smart choice for staying cool and comfortable. With its advanced nano-ceramic technology, it specifically targets and fights off infrared rays, which are responsible for heating up spaces. It also ensures easy electronic connectivity and offers a wide range of shades to choose from.



LLumar Air Blue80 with its advanced ceramic technology enhances protection and heat rejection. You get the features without dealing any level of opacity to the glass. This tech offers excellent defense against UV and IR rays that can pass through regular windows, without causing any interference to the functionality of cell phones, radios, radar detectors, or GPS devices.


Metallized window tint

solar energy rejected 48%
infared rejection 44%
UV rejection 99%

LLumar ATR window tint offers enhanced heat reflection, prolonged lifespan, and fade resistance with a protective metal layer. This technology provides a cooler and more comfortable interior, while potentially reducing UV exposure, glare, and enhancing privacy. Its benefits contribute to improved aesthetics and longevity.



ATR series window films come with a stylish lineup of color hues and shades in charcoal bronze and black to create a custom look that enhances the appearance of any vehicle. Color darkness options are available to customize your car’s appearance. This window film offers superior heat rejection, UV rejection, privacy, and safety.


ATR window tint by LLumar is a deep-dyed metalized hybrid film that offers unique color uniformity and stability. It is designed to add style and comfort to your vehicles. Perfectly operates in hot-sunny weather by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. Comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and durability with Superior Scratch-Resistant Coating.

We recommend the Llumar ATR series if you are looking for a car window tint near me film that offers UVA and UVB protection, has a scratch resistant coating, that excels in heat rejection, and won’t ever discover.


Ceramic window tint

ctx-car-window tinting
solar energy rejected 60%
infared rejection 69%
UV rejection 99%

LLumar CTX ceramic tint provides effective heat rejection with advanced nano-ceramic technology. It maintains clarity while blocking harmful UV and IR rays. This enhances comfort, protects interiors, and reduces glare. CTX’s versatile shades offer privacy and style, making it a durable and functional choice for cooler, safer, and more appealing spaces.


The CTX Series film is created using advanced ceramatrix technology. This technology helps block UV rays and heat from the sun while keeping your electronic signals working smoothly. Unlike metalized films, ceramic films won’t cause problems with GPS, satellite radio, keyless entry, or mobile phones.



The LLumar CTX series presents a nano-ceramic film with crystal-clear clarity. It’s available in a generous range of sophisticated charcoal shades, so you can achieve your desired look. With high UVA and UVB ray rejection, it blocks 63% of IR rays. This durable film comes with a lifetime warranty and utilizes nano-ceramic technology to ensure seamless radio signal passage improving better cell phone reception.

We recommend the Llumar CTX car window tint if you are looking for a window tint near me film that isn’t too dark, but that still provides 99% protection against UVA and UVB rays and allows for uninterrupted radio signals to pass through it.



solar energy rejected 66%
infared rejection 88%
UV rejection 99%

Lumar® IRX™ heat-rejecting window tint offers superior protection and comfort. Its nano-ceramic technology combats infrared rays, maintaining a cool environment. The almost clear light blue tint maintains visibility while blocking UV and IR rays. IRX™ seamlessly connects devices, providing privacy, safety, and energy efficiency for enhanced living or driving experiences.

Some other features of IRX:

We recommend looking into the Lumar IRX series of window tint if you are looking for a darker tinted window film that won’t interfere with your radio or cell phone and you’re concerned about UVA protection.


Ceramic window tint

solar energy rejected 46%
infared rejection 86%
UV rejection 99%

LLumar Air Blue 80 is one of the popular window tints that uses nano-ceramic technology to achieve an extraordinary level of protection. With its nearly transparent, light blue tint, AirBlue 80 maintains excellent visibility both during the day and at night, ensuring a safe driving experience.


LLumar’s Air 80 film is the preferred selection at Flying Window Tintings for windshields that meet Orlando, Florida’s auto tint regulations. So, if you’re looking for efficient heat and UV-ray protection without compromising clear windows, Air 80 is the perfect solution for your needs.


What are the benefits of getting my car's windows tinted?

There are several benefits to having window tint installed on your vehicle. It effectively prevents your car upholstery from fading, protects the interiors from potential cracking and warping, and blocks harmful UV rays ensuring skin protection. It can also help with solar heat rejection and provides better privacy and security.

Are there different types of window tinting films available?

Yes, there are many different types of window tinting films available at a wide range of prices. The most popular of them are carbon tint, ceramic tint, hybrid tint, dyed tint, metalized tint, and crystalline tint. Each has several benefits to offer, but it is important to select the best and most cost-effective window tinted film that fits your purpose.

Will the window tint fade or bubble over time?

Our high-quality window tinting films are made to stay bright and not fade or bubble. How long your car window film will last depends greatly on how good and how much you pay for it. For example, high-end window film made of clay or carbon usually lasts five to ten years.

What makes LLumar Window tinting films stand out from other brands?

Llumar is one of the world’s most renowned brands of high-performance window film. It stands out from other brands for its innovative, technology-based solutions, Including superior quality heat rejection, UV protection, and compliance with international laws and testing standards. With a strong, scratch-resistant coating, Llumar window films are durable and virtually maintenance-free once installed.

How do LLumar films help with UV protection?

Llumar Window Tinting Film helps your car by blocking 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting your car’s interior from damage. It reduces heat and glare coming through the window, which allows a more relaxed driving experience. Also helps you by protecting against premature aging and skin cancer caused by these harmful UV rays.

What types of LLumar films do you offer?

We offer different types of Llumar window films to suit your specific needs. Such as – ceramic, dyed, metalized, and nano-ceramic. Whichever you choose, the potential benefits of tinting your car include comfort, glare control, heat reduction, style, and enhanced privacy.

Will LLumar films interfere with my electronic devices, like GPS or phone signals?

No, Llumar window tinting films don’t interfere with the signals from your electronic devices – mobile phone, GPS, keyless entry, satellite radio, and tablet. It utilizes nano-ceramic technology to ensure seamless radio signal passage improving better cell phone reception.

What is CTX Ceramic Window Tint and how is it different from other types of window tinting?

CTX ceramic tint is a high-quality window film that offers outstanding heat rejection capabilities and protects you from 99% harmful UV rays using its advanced nano-ceramic technology. Ceramic window film is coated with durable ceramic particles while Regular window film only has an anti-scratch coating.

Can CTX Ceramic Window Tint be customized to different shade levels?

Yes, CTX ceramic window tint can be customized to different shade levels. CTX Ceramic Window Tint allows the flexibility to customize the tint shade according to your comfort level and compliance with local laws.

What are the benefits of choosing IRX Ceramic window tint?

You can get several benefits for your vehicle by choosing IRX ceramic window tint. The IRX ceramic window tint uses a nano-hybrid technology that blocks up to 99% of infrared rays (IR) and up to 99% of UV rays. It is highly durable and can withstand scratches, chips, and other forms of damage, and also protects you from sunburns and skin cancer.

Can IRX Ceramic tint help maintain a cooler interior during hot weather?

Sure, The IRX ceramic tint can easily maintain a cooler interior during hot weather because of its specialty to tame heat, glare, and UV rays. The IRX Ceramic tint blocks out all types of sunlight from reaching the interior of your car. This helps you maintain a cooler temperature even on scorching days and protect the interior.

What is AIRBLUE 80 window tint?

Using nano-ceramic technology the Llumar Airblue 80 window tint provides extremely effective protection against UV rays and IR heat that can penetrate ordinary window glass. Airblue 80 is known for its clarity and high visible light transmission (VLT). It has been specially designed with the car’s electronic accessories in mind and doesn’t interfere with cell phones, radios, radar detectors, or GPS.

What makes AIRBLUE 80 different from other window tints?

With maximum heat rejection, UV protection, excellent optical clarity, and scratch- and corrosion-resistant the AIR Blue 80 provides ultimate comfort and protection as well as an elegant look. While other films use very dark tinting to achieve similar levels of solar energy rejection, AIR Blue’s color is light enough to meet visible light transmission laws for windscreens in most countries worldwide.

Can I still achieve privacy with AIRBLUE 80?

You can achieve a certain level of privacy with Airblue 80. However, keep in mind that it allows 78% visible light to pass through and maintains optical clarity which means it is nearly transparent and has a light blue shade. So it might not provide the same level of privacy as darker tints.

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