Window Tinting Orlando FAQ: Is Car Window Tinting on the Inside or Outside?

Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando, we have been providing car window tinting services in Orlando since 1985. Over that period, we have had plenty of opportunities to talk to clients about their window tint needs as well as their questions about the window tinting process. Today we thought it’d be a good idea to answer one of the most commonly asked questions that we run into on a daily basis to help you to get a better understanding of window tinting.

Window Tinting Orlando FAQ: Is Car Window Tinting on the Inside or Outside?

Have you ever wondered about where the window tint goes when your car windows are tinted? Does it go on the inside or the outside of the window? Does it go inside the glass? Some of those questions may sound silly, but they’re legitimate questions to ask!

There are actually a couple of answers to this question – you didn’t expect that, did you?!

Manufacturer Car Window Tinting

When we talk about manufacturer car window tinting, we’re actually talking about “factory tint” or some people refer to it as “privacy glass” since it provides privacy for those inside the car and it can hide items left inside the car while it’s parked. This is the darker glass that a manufacturer installs on your car.

Manufacturers apply this tint to your car windows by pigmenting the glass during the manufacturing process. Most manufacturers install a slight tint on the back windows of their cars by default these days, but this is a very light tint. We have talked before about the different state regulations that apply to front window tinting, which is the reason why you won’t see manufacturer’s tint their car’s front windows.

A manufacturer’s car window tint cannot be removed and while it can protect against UVB rays, it generally does not offer the full range of skin health benefits that are offered by car window tinting films.

Applied Car Window Tinting

Applied car window tinting is the process of applying a tinted film to the windows of your car to give you a darker, clearer, or safer car window. The darkness of the window tint that you have applied to your car windows depends on the shop that you have install it, the brand of film, the darkness of the film, and certain other properties of the film.

While you can install your own car window tint, it’s never an advisable task particularly because it’s very difficult to get the application just right. Additionally, many of the better quality car window tints (like the Llumar brand that we carry) require that you have a licensed individual install your window film in order for your tint to be covered under their great lifetime warranty deal!

There is also an additional benefit to having a professional shop like Flying Window Tinting Orlando do your window tinting for you – variation!

There are so many different types of window tinting film available that it can be hard to know which is best for your needs. If you drop into our Orlando window tinting shop, you will see that we carry a whole line of films and our professional technicians are always happy to answer any questions that you might have or show you what the different color of a tint looks like. As an added bonus, you can also have peace of mind that a professional window film installer is not going to allow you to have a window tint that is so dark that it’s illegal in your state because they are familiar with state laws even when you may not be!

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