5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Window Tinting Your Vehicle

Admit it, the very first time you considered tinting your vehicle, you have no clue about the necessary information needed to have an acceptable window tinting job. In fact, everyone is stuck in this stage, not only you, unless they ask themselves the right questions. Otherwise, you’ll lack the knowledge to make rewarding decisions for you and worse, you’re only gambling away your money for either a good or bad window tinting job, no in-between — with the latter being the most common. 

Always ask yourself “Am I really ready to tint my vehicle?” If the answer is no and you haven’t yet considered everything to go smoothly as possible, then take baby steps before impulsively making unwise decisions. Knowledge is key to an acceptable window tinting job. Read on about the five questions you should be asking yourself before tinting your vehicle. 

  1. Which type of window tint is suitable for my vehicle?

Now this question may seem like a huge hurdle to overcome due to the amount of technical expertise needed to answer this question. But fret not, you can always consult <link to “How To Find The Best Car Window Tint”> a professional window tint installer or dealer for they can provide you with insights and expert advice. 

They can give you insights on numerous factors such as which shade or ratings to choose or what type of window tint films have the best performance, among others. 

One thing to note however is, never trust a sales person when consulting for their advice on the matter. Chances are they’re only pushing you to buy their products with using lies and deceit. Be vigilant on the way the sales person speaks. If he is purposely trying to emphasize some sort of specific item or brand, you should take everything what he said with a grain of salt. 

Key takeaways: a) Consult a professional for consultation. b) Never trust sales persons. 

  1. Is the window tint film covered by warranty?

Everyhigh quality products must come with a limited lifetime warranty. Therefore, those auto window tinting shops and dealers that don’t offer warranties imply that their products are subpar on quality, to say the least. 

The reasoning behind warranties is to guarantee the customer the authenticity of the quality of products as advertised. Otherwise, it would suggest that the shop or dealer is not confident about their products. 

We, at Flying Window Tinting only uses high quality window tint films from Llumar Window Films. From high quality ceramic window tint such as Llumar CTX and Llumar Air Blue 80 <link to the page of those films> coupled with high workmanship installation, we are confident that we will surpass the standards expected on us by our customers. And more importantly, give our customers what they want. 

Key takeaways: a) Llumar CTX and Llumar Air Blue 80 is the type of tint you should consider. b) All window tint films must have a warranty.

  1. How long will the window tint film last?

High quality types of window tints such as ceramic window tint usually have lifetime warranties. This is a testament to their resilient nature in overcoming the accumulation of wear and tear through the years. Whereas window tint films on the lower end of the spectrum typically lasts only from five to ten years. 

However, this is only true provided that window tints are properly maintained and taken care off. Otherwise, the window tint film may not reach its intended lifespan and will need premature replacement. 

Key takeaways: a) Ceramic window tint films are the best in the market. b) Proper maintenance and care will prolong the longevity of window tint films.

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Window Tinting Your Vehicle Flying Windows Tint

  1. How much would it cost me to tint my vehicle?

Price is the most important question you should ask yourself because it’s the deciding factor whether you have the capacity to purchase services or not. On average, the cost of tinting a typical vehicle generally ranges around $100 to $800, depending on factors such as type of material used, installation expertise or type of vehicle. 

In fact, many car owners will opt for cheaper window tint films to save up on money. However, this is not really the case because opting for cheap films can result in inflated cost in the future due to higher maintenance cost or premature replacement. More importantly, window tinting your vehicle must be considered as an investment plan where your profits are reaped in the form of maintenance cost savings and a one-time installation cost.

Key takeaways: a) Window tinting your vehicle is an investment.

  1. Is the auto tinting shop reputable enough to tint my vehicle?

This is one of the questions often neglected but is crucial in its own right. Don’t just choose any auto tinting shop near you because it’s convenient. More often than not, it’ll do you more harm than good. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on incompetent auto tinting shops, do you? 

What you should do is find the best auto tinting shop <link to “Finding the Best Auto Tinting Shop”> near you. Do proper research and gather invaluable information. 

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Window Tinting Your Vehicle Flying Windows Tint

Key takeaways: a) Find the best auto tinting shop.

We have been operating for over 23 years and we are rated as one of the best window tinting shop in Orlando, Florida. Visit our shop, our professionals are more than willing to help you out. 

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Finding the Best Auto Tinting Shop

Factory lllumar more truck

Choosing the appropriate auto tinting shop is not as simple as searching up places to eat online and making a decision right away. There is a lot at stake because the outcome of your window tinting job can only be either great or terrible, no in between. You can either look at your car with satisfaction or see a distasteful tinting job. The best course of action you can do is conduct a thorough research about the pros and cons of each shop and course throughout its reviews. In this situation, a word of mouth advice can also be invaluable. Follow the outlined information below to help you find the best auto tinting shops in your locale. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Auto Tinting Shop 

  1. Observe the vehicles of family and friends who just had window tinting. 

Look for signs of poor workmanship, especially at the edges of windows because it is difficult to work around this part. It can be tricky and mistakes are likely to happen. If there are even minute slices at the edges of the tint films, it means that the installer was not delicate in cutting the film to fit in the windows. More importantly, inspect for scratches or damages on the paint job surrounding the windows. If they are present, it indicates poor workmanship and the shops that serviced their vehicles must be out of your list. 

  1. Collect word of mouth reviews.

If your family and friends or other people you know just had their vehicles tinted, you can ask their opinion and feedback about their recent tinting job. Chances are they will tell you everything and that information are invaluable which can help you decide which auto tinting shop might be the best for you. Be objective and keep realistic information over those which are exaggerated. If you are really determined, you can even ask the owner of an aesthetic random vehicle, if he or she is around. Perhaps, they can even let you have a closer look and they can share you useful information.

Finding the Best Auto Tinting Shop Flying Windows Tint

  1. Have a closer look at the window tinting job from an angle. 

Looking at a tinting job at an angle allows you to see if there are bubbles and imperfections. If everything is smooth and uniform, then these are signs of high-quality workmanship. But don’t stop there, inspect the edges of the windows if it is fully covered with films. If everything is in good order, then it is a major turn on for the shop that serviced their vehicle.  

  1. Personally visit some auto tinting shops.

Compile a list of auto tinting shops so you can visit them specifically. You can then compare prices and customer service. If the shop is reputable, the owner or employees will cater to your needs and be happy to accommodate you. More importantly, they will show you around the shop and service area. Observe whether the service area is clean and located indoors, otherwise, it should be a turn off. They should also show you various window tint films and discuss everything from material and labor costs, warranties, policies, sample works and technicalities. If you are denied these opportunities, chances are they are hiding something or their shop isn’t as reputable and this is a major turn off.  

Finding the Best Auto Tinting Shop Flying Windows Tint
llumar tint
  1. Course through online reviews about local auto tinting  shops.

You can find reviews on Google, Reddit, Yahoo or other review sites like Yelp. Shops with numerous positive feedbacks is the shop you should look for. And if it is indeed good on its services, it must show it off online so look for its website and review all its contents. If you are liking what you are seeing, then schedule for a visit. 

Are You Ready To Choose Your Auto Tinting Shop?

If you followed everything listed above, it would be easier for you to shortlist shops within your area. You can then further narrow down your choices and choose the best shop based on your preferences. If the transaction seems transparent and fairly straightforward and you feel that your expectations are going to be met, then you are now ready to purchase your tinting job. 

Why Choose Flying Window Tinting?

Window tinting Orlando

World Class Auto Tinting 

Flying Window Tinting uses Llumar window films—the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance window tint films. We have 23 years of high-quality auto tinting services on our belt and we constantly innovate our methods to surpass the market standards in compliance with state laws. We gained the necessary technical expertise to remain on top of the market in Orlando, Florida. 

We offer a smart solution so expect it done right the first time. Our goal is to ensure that the trust and confidence given to us by our customers are upheld. We have recorded


Why Choose Flying Window Tinting? Flying Windows Tint
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Growing Number of Customers

Throughout the years, we have consistently serviced a growing number of customers per year. For the year 2019 alone, we recorded a five-fold increase from the last decade which numbers 5000 customers

The growing number of customers is a testament to our high-quality auto tinting services and we pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship imparted by us to you. 


Guaranteed Benefits

If you are looking to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of sunlight, Flying Window Tinting has a solution for you. We offer window tint films that provide you with superb protection from the harmful effects of sunlight. Our services can guarantee that you, your family and vehicle are protected from the harmful effects of sunlight. But there’s more! We offer lifetime warranties on select auto tinting services. Flying Window Tinting assures that our customers are satisfied with our services—including benefits such as:

    • UV Ray Protection: Our window tint film helps block harmful UV Rays which means greater protection for you and your family from various UV Radiation exposure induced skin diseases. Your vehicle upholsteries such as leather seats, fabrics and coverings are better protected from UV Ray induced cracking and fading. Expect year-round UV Protection.


  • Heat Reduction: Prolonged driving under the scorching sun will increase the inside temperature of your vehicle to uncomfortable levels. Unless you are using an effective window tint film, you cannot reverse its effects. Our window tint films can specifically block Infrared Rays of sunlight—the component of sunlight that generates heat. 
  • Glare Reduction: Glare on your windows mostly occurs during dawn and dusk wherein it coincides with our drive to and from work. It can become dangerous for everyone on the road. Our window tint film can cut on glare significantly allowing you to see clearly even when the sun is brightest. 
  • Fuel Savings: Our window tint film can block Infrared Rays by 50% which translates to a cooler vehicle interior and consequently requires less air-conditioning—conserving fuel.
  • Privacy: We all desire privacy to some extent and this extends to our vehicle as well. We offer window tint films in various shades for your choosing.
  • Attractiveness Factor: Our window tint films are available in various shades and you can get creative depending on your preferences. Our shop can provide you with assistance which are guaranteed to make your vehicle sleeker and more stylish. 
  • Fading Prevention: All vehicle windows and upholsteries will fade over time but prolonged UV Radiation exposure can accelerate this process. Installing our Window tints can prevent this from happening.   
  • Safety: Our services’ main goal. Expect that you and your family are protected from the harmful effects of sunlight. Expect your windows to become stronger and shatter-resistant, all due to our exceptional installation methodology.  

Why Choose Flying Window Tinting? Flying Windows Tint

What’s More At Flying Window Tinting?

We have a variety of products specifically made to address your concerns and preferences. Flying Window Tinting is your best choice for auto tinting services. Couple it with high-quality ceramic window tint such as Llumar CTX and Llumar Air Blue 80 the honor, you are guaranteed to have the best possible performance. We also not limit our services to regular sedans and SUVs but also to trucks as well. Truck tinting is basically the same as tinting regular sedans, but much bigger. Our professionals can handle any type of vehicle. We is Ando

We have been operating for over 23 years and we are rated as one of the best window tinting shop in Orlando, Florida. Visit our shop, our professionals are more than willing to help you out. 

At Flying Window Tinting, we stick it where the sun shines! We add a new life to your windows. 

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