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Tesla Window Tinting

For over 23 years, Flying Window Tinting has been the hallmark of precision window tinting expertise in Orlando, Florida, especially for Tesla and other electric vehicles. Our longevity in the industry is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch services.

Our seasoned team, trained to perfection, understands the unique nuances of tinting electric vehicles, ensuring an impeccable finish every time. At Flying Window Tinting, every car is treated with precision and care, mirroring our reputation as Orlando’s best.

Choose us for unparalleled quality, delivered by experienced staff passionate about offering the finest work in the field.

Premier Tesla Window Tinting Near You in Orlando

At Flying Window Tinting, we give Orlando drivers top-notch window shades. We do all types, from ceramic to carbon tints. Local Tesla owners come to us because we cut tints with computers, making sure they fit just right. With a dedication to quality and precision, we’ve become the go-to destination for discerning drivers seeking only the best for their cars. Tesla owners trust us to make their cars look and feel cooler. We’re here to give you the best for your car. Try us and see!

How to Get Your Tesla Car Windows Done in 3 Easy Steps


Drive In or Book an Appointment

Simply bring your Tesla to us or schedule a time that suits you.


Choose Your Tint

Select from our wide variety of top-quality tint shades and types.


Relax and Wait

While our experts precisely apply the chosen tint, ensuring a flawless finish.

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Why Do You Need Window Tinting for Your Tesla?

Benefits of Tinting Your Windows

How We Work

At Flying Window Tinting, our approach to servicing Tesla vehicles is meticulous and refined. We begin by consulting with you to understand your specific tinting desires.

Using advanced computer-aided technology, we cut tints precisely to ensure a snug fit. Our experienced technicians, trained specifically in handling Teslas and other electric vehicles, then apply the chosen tint with utmost precision.

We prioritize cleanliness, so each vehicle’s interior remains immaculate. Throughout the process, we uphold Tesla’s sophisticated aesthetic, ensuring your car not only gets top-notch protection but also retains its luxurious appeal. Choose us to witness craftsmanship at its best.

Premium Window Tint Installation for Orlando Teslas & Electric Vehicles

Driving a Tesla or another electric vehicle in Orlando? Upgrade with our premium window tint installation. Not only does it enhance aesthetics, but it also offers UV protection, conserves battery life by regulating temperature, and ensures privacy. At Flying Window Tinting, we specialize in tailoring the perfect tint to elevate the elegance and efficiency of your EV. Experience the best with us.

Why Us

Flying Window Tinting in Orlando offers top-notch window tinting services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here are some things that make us stand out from the competitors.

01. Unmatched Experience

As the oldest tint shop in Orlando, our legacy speaks for itself. Decades of service have cemented our reputation as industry leaders.

02. Precision with Computer-Cut Tints

Embracing advanced technology, we use computer-aided cutting to ensure each tint is cut to precision, guaranteeing a flawless fit for your vehicle.

03. Tailored Solutions for Teslas

We understand Tesla and electric vehicles, offering tinting solutions that beautifully enhance their distinctive design.

04. Top-Grade Materials

Commitment to quality drives us to use only the finest tints, ensuring durability, beauty, and maximum UV protection.

05. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our team’s dedication is unwavering, aiming to exceed customer expectations with every job.

CTA: Turn Heads on the Road: Tint Your Tesla with Us!

Every Tesla stands out, but with our precision tinting, make yours shine brightest. Experience the blend of luxury and top-grade protection.

Drive in Style: Get Your Tesla Windows Tinted Today!

Experience the unmatched combination of style and protection tailored for your Tesla. Dive into the world of premium tinting and witness the transformation.

Things to Know Before Installing Tint to Your Windshields


State Laws and Regulations:

Different states have varying regulations regarding the darkness and reflectivity of window tints. Ensure you’re compliant with local laws.


UV and Heat Rejection:

High-quality tints offer UV protection and can reject a significant amount of solar heat, enhancing comfort and battery performance.


Tint Types:

Understand the differences between ceramic, carbon, and dyed tints, each offering unique benefits and aesthetics.


Warranty and Durability:

Choose tints with a strong warranty, as they often indicate a product’s longevity and resistance to peeling or fading.


Installation Process:

Seek professionals, like Flying Window Tinting, that utilize computer-aided cutting for a perfect fit and reduced risk of damage.



After installation, wait a few days before cleaning tinted windows and always use ammonia-free cleaning products to maintain the tint’s integrity.


Cost Implications:

While it’s tempting to go for cheaper options, investing in high-quality tinting can offer better protection and last longer, providing better value in the long run.


Aesthetics vs. Functionality:

Decide your priority – whether you want the tint primarily for looks or for functional benefits like UV protection and heat rejection.

Enhance Your Tesla With Llumar Window Tinting

Dive into the world of unparalleled quality with Llumar window tints at Flying Window Tinting. As a premier partner of Llumar, an American-made brand renowned as the best in the market, we vouch for its unmatched caliber. At the heart of Llumar's reputation is its durability and robust protection, ensuring that your Tesla's windows remain safeguarded for extended periods. The commitment to excellence doesn't end there; every Llumar tint comes with a superior lifetime guarantee. We highly recommend Llumar tints not just for its prestige, but for the lasting protection it brings to your Tesla.

Authorized Dealer

We Tint All Tesla Models

At Flying Window Tinting, we’ve got every Tesla owner covered. Whether you drive the:

Tesla Window Tinting: Get Stunning Looks & Ultimate UV Protection

Tesla Window Tinting offers the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality, delivering both stunning looks and ultimate UV protection for your prized Tesla vehicle. Our expert technicians use cutting-edge technology to apply high-quality window films that not only enhance the sleek appearance of your Tesla but also safeguard you and your interior from harmful UV rays.

Our window tinting services not only reduce glare and maintain privacy but also enhance energy efficiency, keeping your Tesla’s interior cooler during scorching summers. Elevate your driving experience with Tesla Window Tinting, where style meets protection, and your vehicle gets the treatment it deserves.

Our Tesla Window Tinting Packages:

Full Vehicle Package

Our comprehensive Full Vehicle package is the ultimate choice for Tesla owners in Orlando looking for holistic protection. Covering every window of your vehicle, this package ensures consistent shade and protection throughout, giving your Tesla a sleek and harmonized look. Benefit from enhanced UV protection, reduced solar heat, and added privacy across your entire car.

Front 2 Windows Package

Perfect for those wanting a touch of style and UV protection for the driver and front passenger. Our Front 2 Windows package provides precise tinting tailored specifically for Tesla's distinctive design. It's an ideal choice for drivers prioritizing front-view clarity and aesthetics while driving in the sunny Orlando climate.

Front Windshield Package

A popular choice for Tesla drivers seeking maximum comfort without darkening the entire car. The Front Windshield package offers a clear shield against harmful UV rays and blinding glare, ensuring safer, more comfortable drives. Made with precision in mind, this tint doesn't obstruct the view but elevates your driving experience.

Front Brow Package

Add a subtle yet effective touch to your Tesla with our Front Brow package. This tint, applied to the topmost part of your front windshield, offers targeted glare reduction, especially from the high sun or low evening light. It's a minimalist choice that brings considerable comfort during peak sunlight hours in Orlando.

Dark Smoke Taillight Tint

For those seeking a bold and aggressive aesthetic, our dark smoke tint provides maximum customization by significantly darkening your tail lights while still adhering to safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to tint windows on a Tesla?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to tint the windows on your Tesla. In fact, many Tesla owners opt for window tinting to enhance privacy, reduce glare, and protect against harmful UV rays. However, it's essential to ensure that the window tinting complies with local regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Does tinting a Tesla void warranty?

Generally, window tinting itself does not void your Tesla's warranty. However, if the window tinting process damages the vehicle or is not installed correctly, it may not be covered under warranty. It's crucial to choose a reputable and experienced window tinting service provider to avoid any potential warranty-related issues.

Are Tesla windows UV protected?

Tesla vehicles come equipped with laminated glass that provides some level of UV protection. While they offer basic protection, additional window tinting can significantly enhance UV protection, reducing the risk of interior fading and providing additional comfort for passengers.

In Florida, window tinting regulations may vary depending on the type of vehicle and the specific windows being tinted. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Florida law allowed a maximum of 28% visible light transmission (VLT) for the front side windows and a minimum of 15% VLT for the rear side windows and rear window. Please check with your local authorities or a professional window tinting service for the most up-to-date information on tinting regulations in Florida, as they may have changed since then. It's important to comply with local laws to avoid legal issues.

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