Best Window Tint Percentage to Choose for the Car

Window tinting is a great way to protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays and glare, but it can also help keep the interior cool in the summer months and warm during winter weather.

When it comes to your car, you want to ensure that you’re keeping it safe. Window tinting remains a great way to protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays and glare. But with all of the different window tint percentages available, how do you know which option is right for you?

It can be difficult to determine when you aren’t vehicle-savvy.

If you want a tint for your car, you need to understand the percentages. This guide will inform you about window tinting and tint percentages so you can make an informed decision for your car.

But first of all, here are factors to notice…

  1. Familiarization with state laws: The legal tint percentage in your state is a crucial factor in determining what percentage of tint to get. Every state has different laws when it comes to car window tinting so do research on the local laws and regulations regarding car window tinting in your area. Different jurisdictions have specific limits on the allowable percentage of tint darkness for each window. A move with the installation of a film that lets in less percentage than state’s law, the costly tickets are on your way. Perhaps, you’ll have to remove the film and replace it with one that satisfies your state’s laws.

Window Tinting

So try to avoid this trouble from the start. Here you can learn the window tinting laws of Florida.

  1. Functionality: Determine the primary purpose of the tinting. Are you looking for increased privacy, reduced glare, or heat reduction? The desired functionality will influence the appropriate tint percentage. Consider the purpose of getting a window tint. If you’re mostly concerned with UV protection, then a lighter tint will be sufficient. However, if you’re looking for more privacy or want to reduce the glare of the sun, then a darker tint is better.
  2. Vehicle Type and Usage: Different vehicles may require different tint percentages based on their size, shape, and intended use. Remember that tinting your car changes its look. Your interior will feel different with tinted windows, and your exterior will boast a different aesthetic.

Consider the climate you live in & budget too because at last, you don’t want to spend more than your ballpark figure.

Window Tint Percentages Options

There is an array of window tint percentage options, ranging from 5% to 90%. The percentage refers to the amount of VLT (visible light transmission) that can come through the windows.

Here are some considerations for some window tine percentages:

  • 5% VLT: Also known as limo tint or “limousine tint,” this is the darkest option available. It allows only 5% of visible light to pass through the window, resulting in significant privacy and heat reduction. However, it can severely limit visibility, particularly at night, and may be prohibited or highly restricted in many jurisdictions.
  • 20% VLT: This percentage provides a significant level of privacy while still allowing a moderate amount of light to enter the vehicle. This blocks out 80% of visible light and offers significant UV protection, which is perfect for those who want to reduce glare and UV rays while still being able to see out of their windows. However, a 20% tint will make your car more difficult to see out of at night, and you may struggle to see things in the distance.

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  • 35% VLT: A popular choice for many car owners, 35% tint strikes a balance between privacy, heat reduction, and visibility. It allows approximately 35% of visible light to pass through the window & once applied, this level of tint percentage will make your car more comfortable to drive in and protect your upholstery from fading. Some states don’t allow anything lower than this level of tint on passenger vehicles because it offers the best combination of visibility and protection.
  • 50% VLT: This tint level offers a lighter shade that provides a fair amount of privacy while ensuring good visibility. A 50% car window tint means that only 50% of the light will pass through their windows offering some heat reduction and glare reduction benefits. It is often chosen by those who live in colder climates, as it prevents excessive frost buildup on your windows.
  • 70% VLT: This is a lighter tint option that allows a high amount of visible light to pass through the window, offering excellent visibility and minimal privacy. This film cuts out most UV rays, making it great for protection from the sun’s harmful effects. It is unnoticeable when installed, and you can only tell the difference if you compare it side-by-side to a car with no film at all.

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Choose a Professional Tinting Company

While there are regulations on how dark the tinting can be, window tinting is a great way to improve the look and feel of your car. By taking all of the above-stated factors into account, you can find the perfect window tint for your car.

Ultimately, it’s important to consult with a professional window tinting installer in Orlando that knows the ins and outs of Florida window tint laws. Flying Window Tinting is the leading window tinting company in Orlando — we can help you find the perfect window tint for your car with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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