Heat Blocking Window Tint: What You Should Know About Llumar Air Blue 80

Heat blocking window tint is a real blessing for drivers in Florida. It not only helps to reduce heat damage to the interior of your car, but it also takes some of the workload off your car’s air conditioning system especially during the summer months! If you have decided to or are in the process of deciding to invest in heat blocking window tint for your car though, it’s important to know exactly what you’re investing in. You don’t just want a reputable shop to install your heat blocking car window tint, you also want a top-quality window tint film that will last. Here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, we use one of the best heat rejection window tints and today we want to tell you a little bit about it!

Heat Blocking Window Tint for Cars: Llumar Air Blue 80

At Orlando Flying Window Tinting we know that when you pay to have your car windows tinted, you are making an investment and like any investment, you want it to pay off. So how does a car window tint “pay off”? That depends on the window tinting film you use. We choose to use LLumar brand window tinting film because it doesn’t just do the job it excels at the job and it outlasts competing window tint brands.

There is a variety of different window tints available through Llumar and we have most of them in stock, but today we want to focus on Llumar Air Blue 80.

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Llumar Air Blue 80, the Heat Blocking Window Tint Film

Llumar Air Blue 80 is a clear window tint film that is designed to protect against heat and UV rays without the added tint of colored films. The lack of color in Llumar Air Blue heat blocking window tint film is particularly important because it allows you to cover your windshield without breaking any laws against windshield tinting and it doesn’t impair your view as a driver.

Llumar Air Blue 80 heat blocking window tint is a ceramic technology film that is both non-metalized and non-conductive and it incorporates maximum ultra-violet rejection, rejecting 99% of harmful UV rays! With 43% heat rejection, Llumar Air Blue 80 is micro-thin and can even be installed on factory tinted windows. The lack of tint in this heat blocking window tint film provides excellent clarity for driving in all conditions and scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties give it a much longer life than other window tinting films.

The Skin Cancer Foundation Recommends Llumar Heat Blocking Window Tint!

The technical specs for Llumar Air Blue 80 are important, but if they’re a little over your head and you’re looking for information in terms that are easy to understand, know that Llumar heat blocking window tint is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Granted to sun protection products that meet the specific criteria set out by an independent photobiology committee, the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of recommendation lets you know that a product is safe and effective in protecting against UV ray exposure.

How Does Llumar Air Blue 80  Window Tint Work?

According to Llumar their clear window film can reduce interior surface temperatures by at least 26° F when a car is parked on an asphalt lot or driving on a warm, sunny day. So, how does Llumar heat blocking window tint work to protect you against UV ray exposure and provide heat rejection properties?

The nature of your car’s windshield means that it doesn’t just allow a large field of vision, but it also lets in incredible amounts of light, heat, and UV rays. While the large field of vision is great for safe driving and the light is important for being able to see through that large windshield, the heat and UV rays that come with that light aren’t necessarily welcome.

Clear window tint for your car works by filtering out heat generating wavelengths from thesun’s rays. Filtering radiation from the sun, heat blocking window tint is able to keep temperatures inside your car cooler while still allowing the permeation of wavelengths that create light to pass through the window. In short, this means that you can still enjoy the great field of vision offered by your windshield and benefit from the light that it allows in. It also means that your skin and the interior of your car are better protected against UV rays that can cause skin cancer and that cause unnecessary wear and tear to your car’s interior.

How Much Heat Does a Heat Blocking Window Tint Film Block?

This is a question we hear frequently, but the truth is that it greatly varies depending on a range of factors. The best way to find out how much heat is rejected by a particular window tint is to ask your car window tint installer. In the case of Llumar Air Blue 80, 43% of the heat that hits your windshield will be rejected leading to drastic reductions in the interior temperature of your vehicle.

What Are the Benefits of Heat Blocking Window Tint?

Heat blocking car window tint like the Llumar Air Blue 80 that we use here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando offers many benefits including:

  • Decreased risk of developing skin cancer
  • Decreased risk of sunburn while driving
  • Decreased risk of overheating while waiting in traffic.
  • No tint means no distortion of your field of vision and no possibility of breaking state laws pertaining to legal tint percentage.
  • Heat rejection properties also protect the interior of your car from damage from the sun’s rays. If you have leather seats, this means less cracking and if you have fabric seats, this means less fading!
  • Shatter resistance is another benefit that comes with adding any high-quality window tint film to your car, making accidents and fender benders safer for everyone!
  • Heat blocking window tint also means that the air conditioning system in your car doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the car cool and that saves you plenty in gas bills and in maintenance fees!

Looking For a Reputable Car Window Tinting Company in Florida?

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