Residential Window Tinting: What You Need to Know

Certainly, window tints can reduce 30% of the energy cost and block around 99% of the UV rays’ penetration into the house. Moreover, the tint also provides privacy, comfortable thermal conditions, and a healthier living environment.

With so many benefits, it is undeniable that people will run to get their windows tinted. But, making the tint work highly effective is a challenge; it includes various factors. So, we are here to help the people who have decided to tint their windows by providing the most essential information to know before tinting the residential windows. Let’s check out those.

Generating a Basic Understanding of Window Tint

From a novice’s perspective, window tint is just a piece of colorful or no-color paper that sticks to the window’s glass. We must admit that this assumption is very close to the actual definition or, better yet, the purpose of window tint. 

Instead of paper, the tint uses a film. Here, depending on the tint type, pellets of dyes or other substances are melted into semi-liquid states. Then, this semi-liquid substance is used to coat the polyester sheet. Finally, a fusing process takes place.

It was transferred to retail shops from manufacturing plants, and people made purchases. However, there are some common misconceptions are evolved around regarding house window tint works; the following are the misconceptions:

  • Many people believe that window tint restricts natural light penetration, which is invalid.
  • Our expert observation says that people think tint work is costly. It is not that expensive but has some reasonable costs associated.
  • There is another misperception that maintenance of tint work is challenging. But, it is not in actuality.

Benefits of Residential Window Tint Work

Window tint works in a house and imports several benefits.

  • The tint blocks 99% UVs.
  • As it blocks the entrance of sunlight’s heat, the cooling cost gets reduced.
  • Tint work facilitates glare reduction, generating more comfortable living conditions.
  • Increased privacy for the occupants.
  • Enhanced security in the case of vandalism or break-ins.

Determining the Needs for Window Tint

Residential window tint work indeed offers numerous benefits. But, the customer also needs to examine whether there is any need for the tint work. Consultation of the points listed below will help evaluate whether window tint is necessary.

Point 01: Climate Condition

If the house is in an area with long and sunny days, window tinting is a must-have thing. Also, if the house is in a colder area, the window tint restricts the inside’s heat extracted, saving on heating costs. Considering these two conditions, there is no need to go for separate tints as per the change in season. There are tint films that can serve both season’s purposes.

Point 02: Orientation of the Home

If the home’s surrounding area does not have trees or the windows are directly facing east or west, window tint work is more than essential. The tint works will help to create a comfortable living environment.

Point 03: Specific Needs

Residential window tint work also serves the purposes listed below.

  • Saving energy cost
  • Increased privacy for the occupants
  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • UV protection, and so on.

Knowing the Types of Tints With Functions & Costs

The following table is designed to provide comprehensive ideas about various tints, including functionalities and costs.

Tint Type
Solar control tint Reduce glare, heat, lower energy cost $5-$14 per Sq Ft Home in a hot climate, home with lots of windows
Decorative films Complements the interior; adequate light without compromising on comfort Starts from $24.99 The interior requires decoration with privacy
Security tint Reinforce windows $7-$12 per Sq Ft Home in a bad neighbourhood
Ceramic Tint It blocks heat and UV, improves visual appeal, etc. $7-$19 per Sq Ft Classy look and enhanced facility

However, there are many more options; this list just gives an idea.

In-depth Discussion: Installation Process

There are two types of installation processes for window tints: DIY and professional service.

DIY Tinting Process

It starts with measuring and cleaning the windows. Following these, other tasks occur, such as cutting the film, applying the wet solution, placing the film, squeezing to get rid of air bubbles, and trimming. The following are the pros and cons of the DIY approach to residential window tinting.


  • Saves money
  • Can complete the work at own pace and schedule
  • It triggers a satisfactory feeling in the mind in terms of accomplishment


  • Worse finishing
  • Reduced longevity
  • No warranty associated

Professional Window Tint Work

The hired professional tried to make the residential window tinting work perfectly in this case. Their work process is the same, but it uses ultra-modern machines. Additionally, the skills and expertise of the professionals matter a lot. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of taking professional assistance in window tint work.


  • Work quality is assured
  • Most tinting service providers give a warranty
  • Time efficient
  • Literally complements the interior and exterior of the house.


  • The higher cost is associated
  • Choosing the right window tinting service company is difficult

Making Informed Decision: DIY or Professional Tint Service

The above discussion clearly showcases that residential window tinting is beneficial in various ways. However, the issue is deciding on the DIY approach or getting assistance from a professional tint service. Per our expert observation, there is an initial cost for getting professional help. But, if the cost is compared with the long-term benefits, the associated expense becomes justified. After all, only a professional tinting service provider can provide quality work that lasts longer and effectively serves the purpose.

Final Words

Tinting the residential window requires appropriate knowledge, skills, and expertise to ensure a perfect finish. Considering this, we reject the DIY approach unless the customer has experience in this job. Finally, we are accessible 24/7 to answer questions and queries regarding window tint work. Our professionals are capable of completing the work within the given deadline. Most importantly, we do not rob the client’s account!!!

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