The perils of DIY window tinting

The perils of DIY window tinting

When you decide to tint your car windows, you can choose between car window tint at home and using a professional car window tinting shop like Flying Window Tinting in Orlando. Despite the many warnings out there, a number of people continue to try to install their own car window tint at home, so today we want to take a little time to highlight some of the perils of DIY car window tinting. We do this not just because as a car window tinting shop, this is a service that we can perform for you, but also because we absolutely hate to see disappointed people come into our shop when their DIY efforts go wrong.

Car Window Tint at Home: Why It’s Not Worth It…

You’ll End Up With a Cheap Film

Why you buy over the counter car window films for your car, you don’t have access to the premium lines of window tint because those are reserved for the professional installation shops that can earn a large revenue stream for the production company of those films. For example, here at Flying Window car window tinting in Orlando, we carry Llumar brand auto window tint film. Llumar does not allow just anyone to carry their brand of car window films because they believe in having a quality product that sells itself and that just won’t happen if that product is poorly applied.

Why do you want a brand like Llumar when it comes to your car window tint rather than doing your car window tint at home with a cheap product? Here are just a few of the reasons…

  • You will end up having to cut cheaper brand window film tint to properly fit your car windows. This is one reason why they are so cheap – because they are compatible with a number of vehicles. Cutting your own car window film at home will almost always leave you with crooked lines and gaps in your film coverage.
  • The quality of the window tinting film just isn’t there which means that it will either go on with a purple tint to it or it will develop one rather quickly after installation.
  • When you use cheap car window tint at home, even if your installation comes out looking perfect, the chances are that your tint films won’t withstand the test of time. In fact, just a few weeks later, you will start to notice cracking and peeling.

You Probably Don’t Have the Tools

Sure, the back of the car window tint at home package says that you just need some window cleaner and a pair of scissors…but how good is your car window tint going to look if you only have these tools on hand?

Installing your own car window tint at home means that you don’t have the proper tools needed to keep dust and airborne particles from clinging to the films as you apply them. In turn, this means that your car windows will have a layer of dust or grime stuck to them permanently! It probably also means that you don’t have the tools on hand to gently and professionally smooth out wrinkles and creases without causing unsightly peaks or cracks in your car window tint film.

You’re Missing Out on Guarantees

When you invest in high-quality car window tints like the Llumar tints we carry here at Flying Window Tinting in Orlando, you don’t just get a guarantee on the life of your window tint films, but you also get a guarantee on the labor cost to install the films. This isn’t the case with cheap car window tint packages you can buy to do yourself at home. If you are lucky, the DIY tint you select will have a couple of weeks warranty on it, if you’re unlucky, your tint won’t have a warranty at all which means that not only did you pay for a bad tint, but you will have to pay for removal of that tint and pay to have new, professional tint, installed!

Forget the Car Window Tint at Home Jobs!

Instead of rolling the dice and taking a huge chance on installing your own subpar car window tints, drop in and visit a shop like Flying Window Tinting here in Orlando. We not only have top of the line window tinting films, but we also have professionally trained technicians who can cut your window films to size and install them properly, being sure not to trap air or bubbles, or cause creases or stains. In the Orlando area? Just pick up the phone and give us a call at (407) 380-1202 and make an appointment with one of our skilled technicians today!

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