Car Window Tint Shades: What Are Your Options?

So, you’ve decided to get your car windows tinted, but do you know which car window tint shades are available to you? The best way to find out is to get in touch with the car window tinting shop you are considering and to ask what they have available. Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando, we have a full range of car window tints for you to choose from and all of them are top of the line, high-quality tints from Llumar.

Car Window Tint Shades: What Are Your Options?

Here at Flying Window Tinting in Orlando, all of our window tint films come to us from Llumar. Llumar is a top quality name in window tinting film and their products are so well made that Llumar monitors the car window tint shops that are permitted to carry their products.

So…what type of Llumar car window tint shades do we carry?

Llumar Air Blue Tint

Llumar Air Blue Tint is our recommended window tint film for your windshield because it’s so clear you can’t see it. That means that there’s no interruption or distortion of your field of view. Made with a non­conductive, nano­ceramic film, Air Blue Tint offers the best heat rejection possible in a “clear” film. It’s also worth noting that this film blocks out 99.9% of those harmful UV rays so you and your vehicle’s interior are completely protected.

LLumar ATC Series

LLumar ATC Series is a premium dyed film for your car window tinting job. This film uses the latest in dyed film technology to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and style. With a Cool Charcoal hue, you’ll get a near perfect match to any factory tint. Our non-metalized LLumar ATC series is a film that will add a touch of class to your vehicle and it’s a touch of class that will last!

LLumar ATR Series

The  Llumar ATR series car window tint shades offer a combination of style and performance while also providing superior heat rejection and UV rejection for your passengers. The ATR series comes in a variety of car window tint shades and color options so it can be customized to fit your car and your preferences!

LLumar CTX Series

The Llumar CTX series car window tint provides your car windows with a gorgeous charcoal color of the nano-ceramic LLumar CTX film that also offers maximum heat rejection and incredible interior clarity. This film is designed to be completely compatible with today’s modern technology such as GPS, satellite radio, keyless entry or cell phones too so you don’t have to worry about interrupted reception. The top of the line car window tint, the LLumar CTX line provides style, privacy, glare and UV/IR benefits while keeping you connected to the road.

Not Sure which Car Window Tint Shades Are Right for You?

If you’re not sure what car window tint shades are right for you or legal in your state, always call your local DMV or consult local law enforcement since different locales have their own rules and regulations governing the legality of different window tint shades.

Here at Flying Window Tinting, we are familiar with the local and state regulations that apply to car window tint shades in Florida. If you drop into our Orlando shop, we can make sure that the window tint choices you select are right for your car and legal for our state!  Keep in mind, though, that not all companies are concerned with the legality of window tint shades and they may take your money and provide you with an illegal window tint film just because they can. So, even if you don’t select us to do your car window tinting in Florida, make sure that the car window tinting shop that you do select has your best interest in mind.

Ready to Call the Pros For Your Car Window Tint Shades?

If you’re ready to give us a call here at Flying Window Tinting to make an appointment for your car window tint shades installation, just pick up the phone and dial (407) 380-1202 to arrange a time to come in and see us!

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