Car Window Tint Film: Why Llumar Brand is Best

Are you considering having car window tint installed on your car windows? Not sure which tint is best for your needs? Here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, we are the top window tinting shop in Orlando and we have a lot of experience in car window tinting films.

Car Window Tint Film: Why Llumar Brand is Best

There are many different car window tint film options available but if you are looking for the best tint option for your car, it’s important to do a little research.

Fortunately for you, here at Flying Window Tinting in Orlando, we have done the research for you because we wanted to be sure that we offer our clients only the best in window tinting films. What did we find? We found Llumar brand window tinting films and we haven’t looked at any other film brand since.

Why is Llumar Car Window Tint Film the Best?

You don’t have to take our word for it that Llumar car window tint is the best window tinting film out there, though, here’s the proof…

The Warranty

The first thing that makes Llumar such a great window tint film option is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. What does that warranty cover? Well, Llumar film installers guarantee that your Llumar film will look great for the life of your vehicle. This guarantee is offered nationwide and includes factory-backed protection against bubbling, cracking, and color change. You won’t find another car window tint film company that offers such a comprehensive warranty on their product.

The Selection

Llumar window tinting films are available in a wide selection of options so you don’t have to make do with a film that is just “ok”. Llumar wants to be sure that you get a film that incorporates everything that you want from your window tint so they have a number of films that meet different needs and meet different budget limits.

Here at Flying Window Tinting Orlando, we carry the Llumar ATC, ATR, CTX, and Air Blue window tint films. That means that whether you are looking for a clear windshield tint that filters out UV rays, or you are in need of a privacy shield tinted window film, we’ve got a film that will meet your needs.


Llumar puts a lot of time and effort into the safety of their products because they want to ensure that you always receive the safest window tinting film on the market. How does Llumar build safety into their films?

  • Llumar films have UVA protection built into them to protect against the effects of UVA rays including premature aging and skin cancer! While UVA rays play into the development of skin cancer, they play the greatest role in premature aging of the skin.
  • Llumar also builds UVB protection into their car window films. UVB rays play the biggest role in skin cancer development so it’s crucial to protect your skin from over-exposure to these rays too.
  • Llumar focuses on clarity in their films. Rather than other car window film companies that focus on producing films that are more appealing because they are just about as dark as they can get, Llumar has focused on producing various tints that outdo the competition in terms of clarity. What does this have to do with safety? Quite a lot! Those other tints that are far too dark are not only illegal in many states, but they are also not as clear as they should be meaning that your field of vision is clouded and your driving is simply not as safe as it should be. Llumar makes sure that their films are crystal clear so that you never have to worry about missing a thing when driving.


Llumar also works hard to ensure that their films are as compatible as possible. They do this by not only having their licensed installation technicians cut films to custom fit vehicles each time so that there are no gaps in coverage, but they also offer films that are structured to allow the maximum compatibility with GPS, cell phone, and smart device technology.

Ready to Get That Car Window Tint Film Installed?

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