Car Window Tinting Kit Vs Professional Car Window Tinting

Thinking that a car window tinting kit might be a good choice for your vehicle because it’ll save you on cost? Wondering what benefits there are to professional car window tinting? Just want to know the differences between using a car window tint kit and professional car window tinting so you can decide for yourself? Then you’re in luck because today we’re covering all of these topics and then some.

What is a Car Window Tinting Kit and how does it Compare to Professional Car Window Tinting?

A car window tint kit is a kit that you can purchase online and in some auto stores and megastores. The kits come with basic window tinting film for your car windows and sometimes they also include the tools needed to apply the film too. If the kit doesn’t come with the tools you need for application, you can purchase these separately in a small toolkit. Each car window tint kit also comes with instructions on how to install the tint on your car windows. Depending on the type of kit you purchase, you may or may not get laser cut tint films that are made for your particular vehicle.

In comparison, professional car window tinting is done at a specialty window tint shop and at some auto shops. As a service, professional car window tinting does not rely on “kits”, they use specialty films, professional tools, and their experience to install tints on your car windows.

Essentially, the difference between the car window tint kit and professional car window tinting is that one is a DIY solution where the other is a professional service. How do they compare? Let’s take a look…

The Pro’s of the Car Window Tint Kit

  •  The DIY nature of the car window tint kit makes it an affordable solution for everyone.
  • You can get your car window tint kit in hours at a range of stores and apply it ASAP.

The Pro’s of Professional Car Window Tinting

  • Window films are professional quality films.
  • Films and service from a professional car window tinting shop are almost always covered by a warranty.
  • Professional application of window film means that each window is covered properly and fully.
  • There is more selection in car window tint when you utilize professional car window tinting services.
  • You have the opportunity to talk to someone who is educated in window film application and the different available tints so that you can decide which tint is right for your needs and have that tint applied without creases or bubbles.
  • Having a professional install your car window tint film means that you also have a professional who can take off any old film so that you don’t have to!
  • A professional technician at a car window tinting shop is aware of laws that govern car window film tint in the state where they operate. This means that you won’t end up with a tint that is so dark that you get pulled over and fined for illegal window tint in your state.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of car you have, a professional installer can make sure that your tints are cut to fit your car make and model.

The Cons of the Car Window Tint Kit

  • The DIY nature of the car window tint kit makes it easy to improperly install films on your windows so that they look bad and don’t function properly.
  • These kits rarely come with a warranty and if they do, it’s an extremely limited one.
  • Many professional quality window tint films are not sold to retail customers which means only cheaper, lower quality films are available to purchase yourself in car window tint kits.
  • Cheaper window tint films in this kit often yellow in color or peel soon after application.
  • You have limited access to resources that can help you to decide which tint is right for you.
  • In addition to being cheap, car window tint films often look cheap in comparison to professional quality films.
  • Applying your own car window tint film without any experience can often lead to bubbles, creases, and other aesthetically poor qualities.
  • If your car already has tint on the windows that needs removing, you’ll need to remove this tint yourself before applying any new tint.
  • Doing your own window tinting with a car window tint kit can result in you purchasing and applying tints that are too dark for your state. If this happens, you will not only be ordered to remove the tints by local authorities, but you will likely have to pay a fine after being pulled over by the police!
  • These tint films are usually “cut your own” films but if they are available in precut films, you can only find popular car makes and models.

The Cons of Professional Car Window Tinting

  • Professional car window tinting is a more expensive option than a car window tint kit.
  • You’ll have to leave your car for a few hours to have the films applied to your windows.
  • You may have to wait to get an appointment to have your windows professionally tinted.

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