Window Tinting Florida Experts Share What You Need to Know Before You Tint

Here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting, our window tinting Florida experts know everything there is to know about tinting your car windows. If you are thinking about getting your car windows tinted in Florida, we want to make sure that you know everything you need to know before you get started too. That’s why we’ve put together a quick post to help guide you through everything you need to know about car window tinting.

Window Tinting Florida Experts Share What You Need to Know Before Tinting

Are You Investing in the Best Quality Window Tints?

When it comes to window tinting your car in Florida it’s important that you invest in the best tints possible. Of course, everyone wants the best, but here in Florida it’s even more important that you get top quality tints so that they will serve their purpose as well as last a good period of time. When you buy the cheapest window tints you will notice that the Florida heat soon takes its toll and your investment winds up leaving your car looking terrible!

Here at Orlando Flying Window Tinting we only use the best quality window tints from Llumar because it’s the only brand we trust in our own vehicles!

Is the Florida Car Window Tinting Company You Are Hiring a Reputable One?

There are more car window tinting companies than you can count here in Orlando, but with so many companies it’s important that you hire a reputable one. That means not choosing the cheapest company on the block or simply hiring a company because they are located close to your office. Putting tint on your car windows requires precision and knowledge and hiring the wrong company can lead to a lot of expense as you try to fix what went wrong during your installation.

So, how do you know if the company you are hiring is a reputable one? The first thing you should look at is how long that business has been operating. Is the company you are considering a “new guy on the block” or have they been around long enough to build a reputation? Orlando Flying Window Tinting has been in business since 1987 and we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Ask around and see what our previous customers have to say and you’ll see why we are the number one company for Orlando window tinting!

Why Do You Want Tinted Windows on Your Car?

Most car owners here in Florida get their windows tinted to help reduce the wear and tear on their vehicle’s AC unit. Quality tinting with UV protection filters out sunlight and helps to keep the interior temperature of your car lower. Adding quality tint also helps to keep the temperature of your car down when your engine isn’t running by increasing the time it takes for the inside of your car to heat up.

If you aren’t looking to keep the interior of your car cooler, you might want to consider clear tint instead. This type of tint is designed to filter out UV rays, protecting your family from sun exposure without the dark tint.

Worried about getting good reception on your electronic devices? You can invest in a ceramic tint that reduces interference with your electronic devices while also filtering out sunlight.

Before you head in to get your car windows tinted decide what you want from your tint so you can decide which tint is best for your needs.

Do You Know How to Maintain Your Window Tint?

When you invest in window tint for your car it’s important that you know how to properly maintain it. Without proper care and maintenance you risk damaging the tint on your car windows and blowing your investment.

Once you have found a reputable window tinting company to do your tint for you, spend time talking to them about how to properly maintain your tint. If the company you are hiring isn’t prepared to tell you how to properly care for your window tint or if they don’t know how to properly care for your tint once they have installed it, run! A good company knows everything there is to know about their product and they’ll be happy to help you to maintain your investment.

Don’t Be Tempted to DIY

It’s much cheaper to buy window tint yourself and do the install job on your own but there’s a reason why professional installers charge for their labor. Window tint films that are available to the public are of much lower caliber than the films that are available to professional installers.

Not only are the window films you buy much poorer quality, but having to install them yourself means that you have minimal tools to ensure that the installation goes well. When a professional does your installation they have access to professional tools and have years of experience under their belt. When you do your own car window tint installation job you are doing little more than following instructions on a packet and those instructions are broad, vague, and don’t include what to do if something goes wrong. When a professional does your installation, nothing does go wrong because the films are top quality and the service is too!

Ready to Hire Window Tinting Florida Experts?

If you’re ready to hire window tinting Florida experts at Orlando Flying Window Tinting to get your job done professionally, just give us a call at (407) 380-1202 to set up your appointment today!

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