Car Window Tinting: A Good Idea or Not?

Trying to decide whether getting your car tinted is worth it? If you do, you share the same sentiments of most car owners out there who had just considered getting one. But for those who had their cars tinted did this for many reasons. For instance, improving their car’s aesthetic looks, cooling down their cars, adding privacy and more.
These car owners generally have unanimous positive feedback but you shouldn’t just rely solely on feedbacks by others; although important but you should do your own research prior to getting one. Other factors like where to look for professional tint installers and high-quality tint films must be considered as well.
But despite all these, the general consensus of most car owners suggest that car window tinting is indeed a good idea.


Car Window Tinting: A Good Idea or Not? Flying Windows Tint

Is it really a good idea to tint your car?

Let’s outline all the major benefits of having your car tinted:
Can Reduce Ultraviolet Radiation
Do you ever wonder why driving under the scorching sun may oftentimes feel a sting on your skin? This may seem like a trivial thought to even think about but prolonged exposure to sunlight can be harmful to us and to the car as well.
This is because sunlight is made up of three (3) basic elements which are: visible light, infrared light and ultraviolet light. Visible and infrared light has no harmful effects to us except the latter, which will raise the inside temperature of your car to uncomfortable levels. On the other hand, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light is harmful which can cause various skin diseases. The stingy feeling you felt on your skin is actually excessive ultraviolet rays penetrating your skin.

A car window tint of good quality can help increase protection from ultraviolet rays to some extent. In fact, there are no car tints available in the market that can completely reflect all ultraviolet rays—high quality tints can reflect up to 80% at best. So it is noteworthy to pick the correct car tint to suit your preferences. Don’t worry, even the lowest quality tint can block ultraviolet rays to a minimal extent, usually at 15%.

Cooler Interior

Driving under the scorching sun will inevitably heat the car’s interior to uncomfortable levels, not unless you have the AC turned on max then you’re not going to prevent this from happening.Most car window tints of reputable quality can lessen the heat radiating inside the car’s interior. This is due to the physical properties that makes up the whole tint film as it reflects a portion (percentages reflected depends on the VLT ratings) of the sunlight.

Infrared light is the specific element of sunlight that can cause heating inside your car but this scenario can be prevented due to the material composition (additives like dye, metal, etc.) that makes up the tint films. These additives blocks infrared light specifically which drastically prevents in heating the car’s interior temperature to uncomfortable levels.

Better Fuel Economy

Since car window tints naturally cools down your car, they can also help conserve fuel in the long run. Why? Because when the temperature is low inside your car, you are less likely to turn on the ac on max which conserves fuel. In contrast, you are certainly turning the ac on max for a long time if it is hot, not unless you’re okay driving while sweating, which will drain your gas tank quickly so it is wise to get your car tinted to save up on fuel!


Car Window Tinting: A Good Idea or Not? Flying Windows Tint

Increased Privacy

There are instances when we leave our important possessions such as phones and wallets inside the car when we’re on a quick errand. This is an issue of concern whenever someone caught the attention of your possessions inside, and it would be unfortunate if that “someone” turned out to be a thief. They may possibly break inside your car and steal all your possessions. Tinting your car can solve this problem by making it impossible for others to see inside your car.
Furthermore, we all want privacy just like everybody else. You don’t want other people seeing you inside the car right? Tinting your car will provide you increased privacy.

Preserve Upholstery

Do you ever wonder why your car’s leather seats and other fabrics are cracking? The main culprit again is the sun. Consider the sun as the car’s mortal enemy and one of the car’s weapon is its tint film!
This happens due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Nothing can escape the damaging effects of sunlight. So it is always advisable to protect important upholsteries of your car by tinting your car.
Although the deterioration of upholsteries are inevitable due to time, car window tint helps in maintaining the quality of upholsteries for a longer time, perhaps even surpassing the longevity as prescribed in its warranty. Remember that all things last long if it is taken care of, so consider having your car tinted.

This was written by Steven Hopkinson owner /operator of Flying Window Tinting.  

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