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The dream of every car enthusiast is driving the coolest car around, they would even pay buttloads of money to achieve the looks of their dream car. But how about those car enthusiasts who are tight on budget?

Renovating the outside look of your car from the ground up may seem like an expensive task — like changing your car mags, muffler, hood, and whatnots. But there are other ways of enhancing the overall look of your car by spending only a measly amount, for instance; applying a car tint on the windows


What to Consider in Deciding Which Tint to Buy?


  1. Law

There are different laws from each state which implements the usage of certain tint levels (color shade) for cars. So before buying your own car tint, make sure to determine the implemented car tint levels at your state. Look at tintlaws.com, the site compiled all recommended tint levels for each state. 

  1. UV Blocking Capabilities

Besides upgrading the looks of your car, one thing to consider is the UV protection capabilities of the material. Every window tint on the market has a protective film that specifically absorbs or reflect incoming sunlight. The VLT rating or visible light transmission rating of the tint determines its effectiveness in either blocking harmful UV rays or cooling your car’s cabin. The lower the VLT rating, the darker the shade of the tint. Dark window tinting is an option . 

  1. Pre-cut Car Tint

The main advantage of this material is that it is delivered to you already cut to the specifications you gave them. All you need to do is install it right away. Although this gives you with no room for error, you need to do it correctly only once. It is advisable to hire a professional to install the tint. It is also cheaper as it is delivered with less materials. 

  1. Rolled Car Tint

The huge advantage of this type of material is that you will get an abundance of it as it is delivered in rolls. Since you ordered in bulk, DIY is advisable as it gives you more room for mistakes. Although the downside is it is not cheap.  


Types of Car Window Tint

  1. Dyed

Dyed car tinting  is the most affordable type of tint available in the market but it has the least quality among other types of car tint. It offers a certain level of UV protection, just as much to protect the drivers inside. It also has an opaque appearance which is suitable for increasing privacy however, it fades over time and needs to be maintained.

  1. Metallic

Metalized car tint works by reflecting UV rays due to its numerous tiny metallic bits embedded in the film. Due to this reason, it has a high UV protection capabilities. It also reinforces the window’s integrity due to its metallic bits present and is scratch resistant as well. The downside of this type is it blocks certain types of signals which may interfere with your navigation and communication. 

  1. Hybrid

A car tint which combines the characteristics of both dyed and metallic tint. Overall, this type offers high UV protection and has opaque appearance suited for privacy.

  1. Carbon

Carbon car tint is patronized due to its attractive matte finish. Its carbon content blocks harmful UV rays and keeps radiation of heat to a low level, thus cooling the car’s cabin extremely well. 

  1. Crystalline

Crystalline car tint combines the advantages of both dyed and metallic tints as well. You may confuse this with a regular hybrid car tint but their main difference is that crystalline car tint does not make the window opaque. 

  1. Ceramic

A relatively new addition to the different types of car tint, ceramic is the highest quality among the others. It is proven and tested to offer the best qualities available albeit quite expensive. It offers high UV protection without decreasing visibility and does not interfere with signals necessary for the car’s electronics. Llumar air 80 is an excellent ceramic tint . 

Knowing the different types of tint and other important considerations makes you well informed about the market, thus you are now ready buying the correct type of window car tint that satisfies your demands. Take a look at these top brands for different options to choose from.



Household Brands in the Market — TOP BRANDS


  1. Llumar 

Llumar offers more premium products. They have the top of the line ceramic tint film which has the highest quality as compared to the different types of tint. They offer their ceramic tint at ratings of 70, 15, and 5 percent. This brand mostly caters to the more expensive market

2  3M

Most 3M’s products offer the crystalline type tinting which makes the tint lighter. They offer their crystalline tint at ratings of 60, 45, 35, and 5 percent. Their products are also rated as premium. 3. Solar guard

Solar guard  offers the most popular pre-cut tints in the market in reasonable prices. These kits are pre-cut to the specifications of the car brand itself. You can choose a variety of tint shades which are rated as 50, 35, 15, and 5 percent. They mostly offer dyed and carbon type tints. You can opt for the type of tint you want as they have numerous options to choose from. 

The Verdict

Window Tinting in orlando fl has many options to choose from. While it is common logic that cheaper materials is associated with low quality, the Lexen brand disproves this notion as its materials are well tested and proven with various local patrons having unanimous positive feedback. 

On the other hand, 3M and MotoShiled Pro have top of the line car tints which caters more to the luxurious people, including of course the better qualities associated with luxury.

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